Oppo N1 render has a mighty thin, almost bezel-less design!

Oppo N1 render has a mighty thin, almost bezel-less design!


Yesterday we learnt the official size of the Oppo N1 will be 5.9-inch, pretty huge! But with bezels as narrow as the ones on this Oppo N1 render it still might be less than a handful.

After news broke that the Oppo N1 would have a larger 5.9-inch display and not a 5.5-inch as previously believed, OFans were split with some complaining the device would be to big, while others said the size isn’t an issue.

Today a purported Oppo N1 has been posted which shows a the N1 with the narrowest bezels we have seen to date! The render suggests that the leaked images we have seen of the N1 in the wild might actually be of a prototype.

There are no measurements, but it looks like there is 1mm or less between the outer edge of the Oppo N1 and the display! This would certainly help keep the phone as compact as possible with such a big display.

oppo n1 render

On screen navigation buttons are also part of the Oppo N1 render which has helped the chin of the phone to smaller and keep the overall length of the phone down.

The renders also shows a LED notification light, and two physical buttons on the right hand side. The larger one towards the bottom is likely a volume rocker/shutter button and the small one above it a power button.

In addition to the renders we also believe the N1 will the new swappable N-Lens, SD card expansion, NFC, 16 – 20 mega-pixel rear camera and up to 15x optical zoom. Oppo will launch the N1 on 23rd September.

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  • Lee

    Goddamn Oppo know how to design a phone!

  • anony

    That rounded screen corner. Yeah I’m calling fake.

    • “But with bezels as narrow as the ones on this Oppo N1 *RENDER* it still might be less than a handful.”

      It’s a render as mentioned in the article.

      • anony

        So? Anything I said that deny that?

        Do you understand the difference between fake and true render?

        • simmer

          yeah dude that is a fake render.. but onscreen buttons will harm it’s sales.. don’t you think ?

          personally i belive there should be no on screen buttons.. because peple are not use to that and it will be counted as a con..

          • Richie

            but why is sony following this direction?

    • roberto

      not that I think it will look like the render for any reason, but … they actually can make non-rectilinear screens. As an example, there have been several LCD and even an OLED *spherical* screen — typically to demonstrate a global map of the earth

  • Oppo N1, is it going to support dual sim and work in Europe?

    • Dual SIM I doubt it, EU support yes I think it will work everywhere the Find 5 does

  • Marc

    Why all these new phone are single sim …

    I want a dual sim with these features

  • ForSure

    “15x optical zoom”
    OPTICAL – Really?

    • Ace

      Sounds like a long shot but it’s possible since they’ve been working on a new lens with optical stabilization.

  • Dickson

    Do you think there will be a pure android edition?

  • Camaman

    Those bezels are so fake…

    • Ace

      the TCL idol managed, the LG G2 managed, since it’s oppo they might aswell manage too.

      • CPO

        The bezels aren’t as thin on the idol or G2, not even close. This render is showing like 1mm bezels.

  • CPO

    Let me just take a wild guess…is the volume buttons and power button on the back side in the center below the camera?