Oppo N1 spotted in the wild demoing NFC payment function

Oppo’s upcoming Oppo N1 has been photographed in the wild showing off it’s NFC payment function.

One of the many neat features of the Oppo N1 is it’s built-in NFC chip. NFC, or Near Field Communication, if far from new technology in smartphones however it is only really this year that manufacturers are highlighting the feature.

Uses for NFC included transferring data and files between phones, the use of NFC tags, syncing supporting devices with your phone, and as you can see above payment of certain goods and services.

This spy photo shows the Oppo N1 paying for goods using China Union Pays Quick Pass system. Similar systems are available around the world and it is likely the N1 will support those also.

Oppo N1 Features

As well as NFC purported features of the Oppo N1 include a 5.5-inch 1080 display, Snapdragon 800 CPU, the 2GB RAM, 16 mega-pixel Oppo N-lens rear camera, large battery, rear touch panel and the choice of 3 Android ROMs from launch.

Oppo will launch the N1 towards the end of September.

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