Fake iPhone causes in-flight problems in China

Aviation Police in China were called out to a flight landing in Guiyang after a passenger’s fake iPhone interfered with the landing and guidance systems on her flight.

Anyone who has ever been on a domestic flight in China will know that most passengers don’t really take the warning and safety announcements all that seriously. Passengers will often attempt to walk in the cabin while landing or take off, and as soon as the wheels hit the tarmac phones are on and calls are being made even after repeated warnings not to. Usually the cabin crew tut and shake their heads but on a recent flight from Guangzhou to Guiyang the issue became serious enough for Police to be called out.

The captain of the flight warned passengers to turn off mobile phones after noticing his instruments weren’t reading as accurately as they should. The culprit was soon found when she answered her phone mid-flight and refused to turn it off. The crew finally wrestled the phone away to discover it to be a fake iPhone with a faulty screen making it impossible to turn off!

Thankfully the aircraft landed safely, but Police were called and the passenger might face serious charges.

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