Video: GooPad 9.7 A31S 2GB tablet for less than $150

GooPad are usually recognised for their love affair with producing rather convincing knock-off devices, but they also make some original products to like the Goopad 9.7 A31S.

Stand-out features of the GooPad 9.7 A31S include the 9.7-inch display, quad-core Allwinner A13 processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB memory, and host of expansion areas ranging from a micro SD card slot, HDMI out to Micro USB.

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goopad a31s tablet

On the looks side of things the A31S looks a little like the current generation iPad from the front but with out a physical home button, while the rear features a much more tapered profile when compared to the Apple tablet, and feating a white plastic panel which is also where the rear camera can be found.

The video below shows the GooPad in action and also gives us a look at it’s processing power and Antutu benchmarks.

Hands on video with the Goopad 9.7 A31S

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  1. September 9, 2013

    A31S with 20K antutu score, more than RK3188? well, some people believe in God, some people believe in Antutu scores from Chinese sources…

    next time please also write model number so we can find it on Chiense websites and see real reviews and not some fake ads, this site is going downhill…

    • September 9, 2013

      I just double checked this, you are correct the Antutu is more likely below 12000. Removed the image and benchmark and made a note.

      • September 9, 2013

        Hi, this is 2GB ram Version, not 1GB ram.
        if you test it under 1GB ram version, I think it is nearly 12000-13000 scores. why not update your information about the solution.

        if i tell you there is a tablet can run antutu 30000-37000(TECLAST p89). you will to talk that it is fake, but it is really.

        A31s is Only a cpu. it can run different scores , based on the RAM, and Screen…

        I think you need to neutral. not always saying bad words.

      • September 9, 2013

        Sorry, I mean the guys “Markoff”.
        I think Gizchina and Andy is objective

    • September 9, 2013

      better write next time about something real like Colorfly CT801 for 559RMB in China (91USD) with 8″ IPS display, RK3188 CPU, 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM which has 19500 in Antutu 4.0, that seem more real, although I’d be curious about wifi signal when I look at back plate (buyers say not good) and compared to Chuwi V88S it doesn’t have integrated Bluetooth (like most of the Chinese tablets which claim Bluetooth support which means support for external dongle :)) and can’t find a word about weight as well

      • Airyl
        September 9, 2013

        Android 4.0 is pretty old unfortunately. I was thinking about getting A JXD S7800, with 1.8Ghz RK3188, physical buttons, 1280X800 IPS 7″ display, 2GB Ram, 8GB ROM, external storage and Android 4.2 for USD 159.

  2. September 9, 2013

    Sorry, I mean the guys “Markoff”.
    I think Gizchina and Andy is objective