Poll: Do you want 6.44-inch phones? What size Chinese phones do you want to see?

The Chinese phone market has got itself caught in a mad race to release the latest ‘hot’ device. They believe customers want 6.44-inch phones or larger, but are they right?

It is very interesting to visit Chinese phone manufacturers at their offices here in Shenzhen, as you get a better understanding of the team behind the phone. UMi are a group of passionate phone geeks (who seem addicted to their own forum), iOcean are eager and confident, and Newman are a more traditional Chinese company.

iocean skyfall phablet

Although they each have different ideas and management structures the general rule is they all believe international phone customers want larger screen devices. 6.44-inch displays look to be the trend, but bigger is a possibility too:

People will be making calls on 7-inch phones this time next year!

At least that’s what iOcean’s head of marketing believes anyway.

5-inch screens or more?

umi cross rear white

While meeting these companies I gave them my views on the current situation in the Chinese phone market, and suggested that bigger phones might not always be better. Perhaps they should concentrate on building the best 5-inch phones they can first, with support and updates, before building larger and larger machines?

So, what do you think? Do you think Chinese phone makers should keep on producing larger and larger phones? Or do you think they should work on producing flagship devices with smaller screens and put their efforts in to improving performance and design?

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