Chinese phone makers could have 8-core and LTE before the end of the year!

Over the past week we met with a number of Chinese phone makers. Some were eager to share their ideas, others not so. What we learnt from all is exciting.

Well known Chinese phone makers are already gearing up for the next generation, and as long as Mediatek keep the supply of next generation processors coming we could see some great updates in the next few months!

8-core MT6592 Mediatek phones on the way!

When we learned about the 8-core Mediatek processor we were under the impression that we won’t get to see the new chip in phones before the very end of the year. Chinese companies we met with though seem more optimistic and suggested (not promised) 8-core phones may be launched in the next 2 months!

8-core mediatek MT6592 official

The first lot of these 8-core phones will include an update of a current model as well as a new phone, both from the same manufacturer.


Of all the phone makers we met only 1 of them confirmed that they have a 4G LTE model in the pipeline. Actually they proved it by showing us a prototype of the phone and it is absolutely stunning! Think Xiaomi Mi3 rear with Sony Xperia front, made of a lightweight alloy!

xiaomi mi3 unboxing

Although only 1 Chinese phone maker confirmed they have a Mediatek 4G LTE phone on the way, we believe another phone maker (one better at keeping launch dates) has a similar device in works.

The next generation of Chinese smartphones are going to be some of the best we have seen to date, are they are going to have be if they plan to go international as many of them do!

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