Oppo N1 Specifications

Oppo have wrapped up the launch event of the Oppo N1, here are the full Oppo N1 specifications.

Oppo live streamed the Oppo N1 launch via YouKu, so that we could keep up with the action as it happened. Most of the launch spoke about Oppo’s Color ROM and the rotating (yes Rotating) camera on the N1 and very little was really mentioned about the full hardware.

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So in case you missed it here is the full Oppo N1 specification!

Oppo N1 Specifications

Other than the rotating camera, nothing on the Oppo N1 really surprised us. The display is a 5.9-inch 1920 x 1080 unit, there is 2GB RAM, options of either 16GB or 32GB memory, and giving the phone processing grunt is a 1.7ghz quad-core Snapdragon 600 chip!

oppo n1

The S600 wasn’t the chip many of you had hoped, and isn’t as meaty as the 8-core Samsung Exynos in the Meizu MX3 or Snapdragon 800 in the Mi3, but it is still plenty powerful.

Other features include a 3610mAh battery, USB OTG, on Oppo O click remote for the camera, GPS, WIFI Direct, WIFI display, Bluetooth 4.0, 5Ghz WIFI, and O touch rear panel.

For those you outside of China here are the frequencies the Oppo N1 is designed to work on GSM: 850/900/1800/1900mhz, WCDMA: 850/900/1700/1900/2100mhz.

As for the dimensions the Oppo N1 measures in at 170.7 x 82.6 x 9 mm and weighs 213g, in comparsion the Xiaomi Mi3 measures 144 x 72 x 8,1 mm and the Meizu MX3 is the thinnest at 139 x 71,9 x 9,1 mm.


oppo n1 cyanogenmod

he N1 will be available in 2 versions. The regular Oppo N1 will ship with the Oppo Color ROM, which you can choose to flash to CyanogenMod if you wish, and there will also be a OPPO N1 CyanogenMod Edition which will ship with CyanogenMod preinstalled.

Oppo N1 camera

The real surprise of the N1 is the fact that it has just one single 13 mega-pixel Sony rear camera which can be rotated front to back. The rotating camera can be positioned anywhere you see fit (within its range), features a Dual LED flash and F2.0 aperture.

oppp n1 rotating camera

There are are number of scene modes built-in also including norma, panorama, high-speed, rewind, beauty, and slow shutter.

Oppo N1 Price

oppo n1

The N1 will go on sale in China for 3500 Yuan which is about $570 and will included a O-click remove, earphones, charger and the phone. The phone will go on sale early December.

Oppo N1 introduction video

Oppo N1 – Press release

OPPO N1 – Return to Innovation
Sep 23, 2013

OPPO N1 Redefines Smartphone Photography with 5.9” Screen, Rotating Camera, and Rear Touch Panel

BEIJING – September 23, 2013 – OPPO today announced the launch of the OPPO N1, the first smartphone from their new N-Lens flagship series. The OPPO N1 was revealed to a crowd of over 600 international press, fans and developers in a stunning visual presentation at the AOYA Exhibition Center in Beijing. With the groundbreaking OPPO N1, the large screen, rotating camera, rear touch panel, and incredible design come together to create a whole new smartphone experience.

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World’s First Rotating Smartphone Camera

The OPPO N1 realizes new possibilities in smartphone photography as the world’s first smartphone with a rotating camera. Its revolutionary camera rotates 206-degrees, and will securely lock at any angle.

To help you capture breathtaking and vividly realistic images, OPPO N1 comes with Pure Image, a hardware and software photography solution. Pure Image on OPPO N1 features six physical lenses, an upgraded type 1/3.06 imaging module and f/2.0 wide aperture. Furthermore, OPPO partnered with leading optics companies to tailor make an image-processing solution for improved white balance, exposure and focus.

OPPO N1 has a special light-diffusing LED flash design consisting of a normal flash for back facing shots, and a softer, diffused light for front facing shots, with brightness tunable from the OPPO N1 camera software. Your front facing shots will not only be just as good as back facing shots, they will also be perfectly lit. Easily accessible, the OPPO N1 camera will boot from a sleeping screen in just 0.6 seconds via a simple 120° rotation. The OPPO N1 camera also supports long exposure photography of up to 8 seconds.

Beautiful Technology

The OPPO N1 is wound by two finely cut chamfers running along the sides of the device which guard the immersive 5.9-inch display. More than a year of work and over 20 different designs ultimately led to the simple brilliance of the OPPO N1 and the small but intricate camera, tested to last through 100,000 rotations. Its full metal aluminum alloy frame is produced over a 20-day period, during which it undergoes a 14 step polishing process involving more than a dozen suppliers. Strengthening the core of the phone, the frame adds an air of solidity and style to the OPPO N1. The OPPO N1 phone body is made with a smooth, ceramic-like material designed to keep your device free of fingerprints and smooth to the touch.

O-Touch Panel

O-Touch is an entirely new way of using your smartphone. A 12 cm2 rear touch panel makes one handed use for the large N1 screen comfortable and easy. With O-Touch you can scroll, tap, or snap photos – all without your fingers blocking the display.

O-Click Control

O-Click lets you remotely operate the N1 camera even when you’re away from the device. Simply position the N1 and step back. If you misplace your device, find it by setting off an alarm on the phone. O-Click fits on your keychain and supports a range of up to 50 meters, staying connected to your OPPO N1 via Bluetooth (BLE).

Innovation in Choice

OPPO is committed to serve the smartphone market with an open attitude. OPPO N1 ships with Color (based on Android 4.2), a unique Android operating system with over 400 unique features and improvements over stock Android. CyanogenMod is the world’s most popular aftermarket Android operating system. International versions of the N1 come with Color, and also the ability to flash CyanogenMod directly from stock recovery. A limited OPPO N1 CyanogenMod Edition will ship with CyanogenMod preinstalled, the first CyanogenMod hardware product in the world.

Available in 16GB or 32GB internal storage, the OPPO N1 is set to launch in early December.

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