Oppo N1 hands on impressions

Chinese media have already had some hands on time with the Oppo N1, and the results are being published! So what do Chinese tech journalists think of the N1?

The article below is a translation of a short hands on of the Oppo N1. You can read the original Chinese article here.

Great overall quality

oppo n1 hands on impressions

The Oppo N1 is stylish and the design of the body works well. The body features a nice matte finish which feels great to hold. The precision of the rotating camera joint is especially noteworthy, the quality is good and there are no gaps. The N1 feels solid, there aren’t many Chinese phones which offer this high level of quality.

Unique rotating camera design

oppo n1 hands on impressions

Oppo have designed the N1 with a unique rotating main camera. The camera and dual LED flash can be rotated 206 degrees to operate as the front and rear camera or at any position in between. The 13 mega-pixel Sony lens is on par with current flagship expectations, and offers some nice features including long exposure, and beauty options.

Rear touchpad offers great function

oppo n1 hands on impressions

The rear touch panel actually offers some great features. The width of the phone makes traditional one-handed operation impossible, but with the rear touch you can easily scroll and take photos. The sensitivity is good and we experienced only small issues when using it.

Wide bodied phone not easy to use

oppo n1 hands on impressions

The Oppo N1 has a 5.9-inch display and the body width is 82.6mm (81mm according to Oppo) making it difficult to use if you have smaller hands. Also taking self portraits is not as easy as you may expect due to the large size.

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Hardware is not the highest, price is high!

Many thought the Oppo N1 would be a flagship phone and use top of the range components inside and out. This is not the case though and some are disappointed that the phone has a Snapdragon 600 CPU.

At 3500 Yuan ($571) the price is similar to rival phones from international companies. For the price we expected more, there is no advantage buying a domestic (Chinese) phone at this price.

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