Hands on photos of the TCL N3, show off active cover and...

Hands on photos of the TCL N3, show off active cover and wireless charger


TCL have been working on their latest quad-core phablet for a few months. Now ahead of the official launch the TCL N3 has had it’s first date in front of the camera.

The TCL N3, also known as the TCL Y910 and eventually the Alcatel OneTouch WA40, has had a prelaunch photo shoot with Chinese tech sites.

tcl n3 hands on photo

As we already knew the N3 is a 6-inch 1080 phone with ultra narrow bezels and quad-core Mediatek processor and 2GB RAM, from these photos we have learned that the phone will also feature a flipcover with active LED notifications and a wireless charging dock.

tcl n3 hands on photo

It also looks like TCL have decided that 6-inches might be too much for some users and have created a companion device for the N3 which allows you to answer calls and send messages via Bluetooth.

TCL N3 Hands on photos

These image also show that the N3 has dual-SIM support and enjoys a simliar stylish design as the very popular TCL Idol X.

According to Chinese site MyDrivers, the N3 will go on sale in China soon with pricing between 1850-2000 Yuan ($326). Pricing for the international Alcatel version is unconfirmed.

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  • teja

    hey ! abbie , what’s that white basic phone ??

  • Alex

    I hope there are extended batteries on the market in the future for this device, as well as other phablets to come. This is the only true issue I see with devices coming out of the Asian markets, weak batteries… Please, in the future allow us the option to purchase extended batteries, thank you kindly.

  • anony

    HTC did the same thing with the dumb phone companion. It’s doing them good- or not.


    Well companion device idea is not bad but let’s face it it is a very ugly phone. If you want something as companion give a watchphone instead.

  • P0wny

    Duuuh ! Which processor will it have ? ‘Looks kinda good ..!

  • math

    this phone with this price is sure to become a bestseller : wireless charging and lot of accessories (i hope a big batterie and, the release soon of the e-ink cover).
    I was thinking to buy a zp990, now i will wait to get this tcl n3. If another great phone don’t appear during the wait :p

  • Adam

    so this looks like the phone they showed at IFA, except they had it with an e-reader case and a pico projector. Are any of these accessories going to be released at launch? Are they still going to be a thing?

  • Daniel

    does this tcl version have also the stylus pen? or it is only for the alcatel branded version?? is it out yet??