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On May 30, TCL Group said in an institutional survey that TCL’s LTPS-AMOLED flexible production line with a planned production capacity of 45K per month …

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TCL foldable smartphone

At MWC 2019, TCL showed its own folding screen solution and claimed that the cost will be low enough for everyone to afford. The shape …

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Earlier today, TCL Group issued a notice announcing that Xiaomi Group has officially invested in TCL Group. According to the announcement, on January 4, 2019, Xiaomi Group purchased …

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tcl 560

If past years are any indication, smartphones from both Chinese an international OEMs won’t be a major focus of the show, probably because industry leaders like …

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Alcatel 7

TCL owned Alcatel about a month ago announced the Alcatel 5V with a price tag of just $199.99. Even cheaper, the brand has today announced the …

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The TCL-owned Alcatel division of smartphones is about to sail on the waters of United States smartphone market with a new Android Go smartphone, called …

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An unannounced Blackberry phone has just received both the Wi-Fi Alliance and the Bluetooth SIG certification, which are both indications that the device might soon see …

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Looks like AT&T’s exclusivity with their Space Black variant of the BlackBerry KEYone is history. BlackBerry went on Twitter earlier today hat it will soon be bringing the BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition to select online retailers in the US.

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TCL V760

An unannounced smartphone from TCL has just surfaced and certified by the Chinese telecommunication authority TENAA. The device is listed as ‘TCL V760’, there is …

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Alcatel 3C Press leak

We reported earlier in December that Alcatel was in for an overhaul of its smartphone product lineup. The TCL-backed brand will introduce the Alcatel 1X, …

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The 18:9 displays can be considered as one of 2017’s big surprise. Since it suddenly appeared and become a hell of trend with many brands …

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A month ago TCL reported its smartphones shipping performance during the first three quarters of 2017. This week the company have shown its Q4 2017 …

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The TCL A5 is a very interesting device. It features an 18:9 display, and it pairs that with the also popular semi-bezeless look.

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Blackberry has managed to gain momentum in the mobile device market with the recent released KEYone, which draws attention due to its specifications, the iconic …

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After an interesting, if not harrowing journey, BlackBerry is finally back for another stab at the smartphone market with the new BlackBerry Keyone.

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TCL and Blackberry have an agreement that will see devices made by TCL sold under the Blackberry brand, which will apparently surface at CES 2017.

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Alcatel, the international arm of TCL, have released a super affordable smartphone for U.S customers costing only $29.99.

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Indian phone buyers have another Chinese phone to choose from today as TCL (owners of Alcatel) have released the new TCL 562 in the country.

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It’s been a while since we last heard from Alcatel (and TCL) but the brand are still in business and today have just announced news of a new all metal phone.

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tcl umi

For those of you with a keen eye you will already have seen the similarity between the UMi eMax and certain TCL models, well the cooperation might run a little deeper.