Lenovo rumoured to be in talks to buyout HTC

HTC have been battling up hill for a while now even with the success of the HTC One their recent first quarterly loss doesn’t bold well and has led to rumours that Lenovo are looking to buy the Taiwanese brand.

With the shrinking demand in PC’s and laptops, Lenovo have been focussing hard on their Android phone lineup have have launched some stunning hardware such as the Intel powered Lenovo K900. However, they are only focussing on the local Chinese audience, and purchasing a brand such as HTC could catapult them where they want to be, the international scene.

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Obviously HTC and Lenovo have not commented on the rumours, and just last week HTC’s chairwoman Cher Wang denied HTC were looking at a buyout. Still this hasn’t prevented the rumours from being stirred up!

Is Lenovo buying HTC good for HTC, or is it just a great chance for Lenovo to gain a larger share of the smartphone pie?

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  1. October 8, 2013

    It will make sense for Lenovo to buy HTC ..their coming together will change a lot of paradymes in mobile industry .

  2. anony
    October 9, 2013

    Why lenovo? It’s not like you can’t produce your own (semi decent) mobile phone?

    I can’t think of any benefit from this, anyone?

    • Nick
      October 9, 2013

      International well-known brand, patent rights and distribution partners all over the world

      • anony
        October 9, 2013

        Lenovo sells far more electronics than HTC does, all over the world.

        • Werewolfc
          October 9, 2013

          Electronics… but lenovo is targeting the smartphone branch. And btw, in my country (RO) on the smartphone segment, Lenovo is weak.

          • anony
            October 14, 2013

            Same can be said for HTC in my country. Heck now Lenovo has more market presence in smartphone than HTC here.

            Guess it depend on the price.