OrientPhone Mega 6.3 goes on sale with either 1GB RAM, 2GB RAM and gesture control

OrientPhone have launched yet another 6.3-inch device which they hope many will choose as an alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Mega. Full details of the OrientPhone Mega 6.3 after the break.

If there weren’t already enough big screen phablet devices already to choose from from Chinese phone brands, then here is another option. The OrientPhone Mega 6.3 is a self confessed Samsung Galaxy Mega clone with near identical specifications and design.

orientphone mega 6.3 samsung galaxy mega clone

There are already plenty of 6.-3-inch phablets available from Chinese phone makers, and like those the Mega 6.3 comes in a choice of either 1GB RAM or 2GB RAM, with quad-core MT6589T processor, 720p HD display, dual-SIM, micro SD card memory expansion, 8 mega-pixel camera and GPS. In addition this device also features gesture controls allowing you to simply wave a hand in front of the phone to navigate through your image gallery, music or app draw.

OrientPhone Mega 6.3 clone hands on video

The OrientPhone Mega 6.3 starts at $222.79 for the 1GB RAM model, rising to $254.80 for the 2GB device.

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