Snapdragon 800 WCDMA Xiaomi Mi3 turns up likely fake Amazon advert

Xiaomi Mi3 turns up on Amazon China sporting Snapdragon 800 CPU, WCDMA support and hefty price tag!

While China Mobile customers revel in the use of their new Xiaomi Mi3, us China Unicom users and the rest of the 3G using world wait with bated breath for the Snapdragon 800 model to turn up. The issue here is that the Nvidia Tegra 4 version of the Mi3, which has sold out twice isn’t compatible with many European 3G operators while the Snapdragon 800 China Unicom model is.

Xiaomi have mentioned on numerous occasions that the S800 Mi3 isn’t yet in production, which makes this listing all the more fishy, throw in the fact that the price is over $100 more than it should and we have a very dodgy advert indeed.

Unfortunately when the WCDMA version of the of the flagship Mi3 does go on sale we are likely going to see some hefty price hikes due to private sellers attempting to turn a profit!

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