Has Mediatek partnered with Sony to launch the first 8-core MTK6592 phone next month?

On the 12th November Sony will hold a conference at which they will launch a number of phones for the Chinese market, the star of the show being a purported 8-core device named “Tianchi”.

Where the this rumour originated we don’t know, but Chinese site MTKSJ are reporting that along with the launch of the Sony Z1 in China will be a large screen phone named the Sony Tianchi. The rumours go on to suggest that the Tianchi will use Mediatek’s new 8-core MTK6592 processor.

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If this is the case then it would make Sony the first manufacturer to launch a true 8-core phone running Mediatek’s MT65892 chipset. It will also help to improve Mediatek’s reputation as a provider of tier one phone makers.

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  1. Rdmkr
    October 24, 2013

    I just can’t get excited about this chip, the problem with cortex A7 has never been its throughput or speed; it’s the consistency of its performance. A7 just doesn’t deliver the speed at exactly the moment you need it and this is noticeable as lag in situations where it just shouldn’t occur like simple menu screens. The best case scenario is that this chip runs at 2Ghz, meaning its single threaded performance will still fall short of 1.5Ghz snapdragon. And the multi-threaded throughput isn’t going to affect performance in any except some really specialized situations. Qualcomm says 85% of apps use 2 threads and the rest only use nr 3 and 4 sporadically and lightly. On that note I expect this CPU to be a dud.

    • Airyl
      October 24, 2013

      It doesn’t matter, people will and shall gasp in awe when I tell them my device has 8 cores.

    • October 24, 2013

      Blame the lag on the GPU not the CPU! 🙂
      Probably Mali-450 can perform well!? 🙂

      • yogi
        October 24, 2013