FAEA F3 and FAEA F4 both coming soon

While we have already seen leaked images of the FAEA F3, this is the first we have heard that an FAEA F4 phone is also on the way.

FAEA kicked off the year by launching 2 hugely popular NFC enabled Android smartphones, the FAEA F1 Penguin and the FAEA F2. Both phones offered a great unique design, and although neither model was perfect, have become popular and genially regarded.

Now that the current FAEA models have been available for sometime the company is planning to launch the F3 which may or may not be waterproof and dumps the unique styling for a more Samsung clone approach. The FAEA F4 is still a mystery to us we just know that the phone will ship with NFC and the above text claims:

F4 shape and design will be stunning!

Interesting stuff, we can’t wait to see what this mobile phone start up have to offer Chinese phone fans over the coming 12 months!

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