No.1 N3 Galaxy Note 3 clone now on sale for just $179.99!

The No.1 N3 has been on sale for a few months now and now Chinese and International are finally inline with one another as the N3 goes on sale for just $179.99!

Measuring in at 5.7-inch with a quad-core MT6589T processor and 13 mega-pixel rear camera, the No.1 N3 comes with very similar specifications as found on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but can be bought at a fraction of the price.

Gizchina News of the week

Online phone reseller are having a special Christmas Sale where they have not only reduced the of the N3 but are offering GizChina readers an additional $10 saving when using the discount code: Gizchina.

No.1 N3 full specification

[komper pid=137 compareform=no]

Full details of the No.1 N3 can be seen here. More GizChina Christmas offers coming soon!

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  1. jason
    November 14, 2013

    its very good ! have buy it in 1949deal,cheaper price ,fast delivery!low price with

    Galaxy Note 3 ,wow!!!

    • teja
      November 14, 2013

      are u sure its a reliable store ??

      • Ace
        November 14, 2013

        I’m pretty sure he’s marketing virally but 1949 is legit, i’ve bought a case from them ( Since they’re the recommended iocean vendor ).

        • teja
          November 15, 2013

          thank u …

        • 1949deal
          November 18, 2013

          you must be kiding !!! We are legitimate!and also
          We represent the products of iocean !!

      • jason
        November 18, 2013

        yeah,i have bought it ! its a good store !!

  2. teja
    November 14, 2013

    in official site its mentioned 5 inch her 5.7 which one is true ???

    • 1949deal
      November 18, 2013

      my friend whats the problem with you ? in the official website its 5.7inch .ok??

    • Guest
      November 21, 2013

      it is 5.7 inch on its official site

  3. Larry Stoffregan
    November 14, 2013
    • kleautzak
      November 14, 2013

      did you order before from them?
      I never heard of this seller..

      Thanks by the way for the link 🙂

      • Larry Stoffregan
        November 14, 2013

        No I never have from either site. I tend to lean heavy with AliExpress and their way of holding the $$ until your happy before the seller gets paid. When your happy,you tell them to pay the seller. Cuts down the possibility of losing your money with no recourse.

        • kleautzak
          November 14, 2013

          Thanks for the quick reply.
          I just send them an email to ask for the black version.
          If they have this on stock i’ll buy it.
          I also know AliExpress.
          I don’t have a credit card, so bad luck for me.
          You can also use to compare prices (including AliExpress).

          • teja
            November 15, 2013

            i use my international debit card (issued in india) . so no need of credit card .

          • 1949deal
            November 18, 2013

            YES,We do have black one in stock!

      • lisa
        November 18, 2013

        yeah,I never heard of this seller too,its a very beautiful website and also its a new website!!! I would rather buy in 1949deal!

  4. Peter
    November 15, 2013

    It’s not MTK6589T,… it’s just a regular 6589 1.2ghz…. (13k antutu score is not Turbo)
    I’m so dissapointed 🙁 i’ve been looking for a note 3 1:1 clone with the turbo MTK processor.
    But i haven’t found any thus far… 🙁

    • Peter
      November 15, 2013

      The clock frequencies in antutu are also faked:
      Mtk6589T runs 497 – 1507 Mhz
      no mediatek chip runs 250 – 1500 Mhz….

    • lisa
      November 18, 2013

      really? Are you kidding me?

      • Peter
        November 19, 2013

        Sadly no. Its just a faked antutu result

        • lisa
          November 20, 2013

          i wll go on with it ! thank you !! peter!!

  5. Ada
    November 21, 2013

    NO.1 N3 with a 5.7 inches of OGS full fitting screens, their
    sophistication is good, the has been difficult to feel grainy. Smooth
    touch screen phone , the operation is also very sensitive , and more
    wear-resistant , so usually when we need not foil, then it will not
    affect the touch screen , it will not affect the display.

    Position in front of the phone handset spotted a dust network protection
    , earpiece sound is relatively large , the basic call is no problem ,
    next to the two black specks handset is light , proximity sensor , the
    far right is front camera , camera megapixels , and before hundreds
    2000000 or 3000000 contrast , better reflect self- powerful artifact .

    Phone bottom of the screen is N3 iconic home key , key feedback
    obviously , feel good. In the Home key on both sides were now hidden
    menu key return key , two keys do not use words you do not see , after
    pressing the backlight will be lit, accompanied by a shock effect ,
    tactility is also quite sensitive .

    N3 body thickness of 8.3mm, the thickness of this in the current smart
    phone is all middle level, but because the phone ‘s screen , with the
    massive back of the phone there is a location close to the edge of the
    arc, so that will make people feel able to visually very slim

    Headphone jack on the top edge of the phone is the noise-canceling
    microphone , in addition to a large black spot is the phone’s infrared
    transmitter inside the phone comes with an application that can be
    turned into a remote control N3 .

    Bottom of the phone design is very special, the most notable is the data
    line interface, and our common Micro USB interface is different , N3
    using this interface is USB3.0 interface, if your computer supports
    USB3.0, then you can enjoy fast transmission speed , under normal
    circumstances USB3.0 transfer speed can reach 100M / S. This interface
    is also compatible with conventional Micro USB data cable, but that is
    not so fast transfer speeds of up to it , the other is no difference .
    At the bottom of the speaker using a relatively tough design style ,
    metallic dust network protection , sound is relatively large, relatively
    clear in the subway can hear ringtones .

    Here we are talking about one of the priorities of the N3 , N3 is a new
    design that is handwritten pen, pen still retains a key for use with the
    phone’s touch features , which we will explain in detail later .

    Rounded tip of the stylus will not scratch the phone screen . Tip away a
    certain flexibility, so to give you a better user experience writing
    touch . Insert the stylus into the pen tray when the front is more
    smooth, there will be some resistance in the last paragraph , and there
    is a small buckle stuck stylus touch pen to prevent loss.

    N3 back a fierce look that is the cortex , in fact, is a plastic
    material , but with a leather decoration , feel way better than the
    traditional glossy plastic better, but from real leather are still some
    gaps . N3 is the white version , which is our evaluation of this is that
    the plastic backshell .

    Back of the phone has a 13 million pixel camera, equipped with LED
    lights , While this camera slightly convex cover of the phone , although
    it looks not very obvious, but if the flat on the table , the camera is
    sure to touch the desktop , we should be careful to use protection
    against scratches around the camera affect the appearance .

    N3 with a removable rear shell design, mobile phone standard battery
    capacity of 2,800 mAh , the battery capacity is relatively large , but
    because the screen size is also great, so the overall endurance capacity
    and not too prominent, normal use of the words used to ensure the day
    time , but basically in the evening are the need to recharge . We can
    prepare spare batteries or power to help select a mobile phone has a
    more lasting usage time. Phone dual small card design, benefits of this
    design is to save the phone’s design space .

    NO.1 of previous generation products S6 , N3 and S6 in appearance there
    is a clear distinction, however, two aspects of the design details phone
    also has a lot of similarities, let’s look at the appearance of N3 and
    S6 contrast.

    N3 much larger on the screen , like the big-screen users will be more
    favored N3, can be seen from the comparison , S6 border narrower than N3

  6. Mayank
    December 6, 2013

    Does it include the s-pen stylus and has all the functionality associated with the stylus?

  7. jason
    January 12, 2014

    On n1phone(dot)net website has sold this phone with a cheap price

  8. pial
    January 24, 2014

    i want to buy this phone from Bangladesh.would you please give me the query so that i can proceed to buy