This teenager will tell you why you should buy the Mi3 and why Xiaomi should go global!

While it is Chinese tech that brings us together, it is a known (and rather painful) fact that importing a device overseas is a high-risk and at times, a very painstaking task. For international fans, Chinese companies like Xiaomi coming up with cost-effective phones with amazing specs like the Mi3 only adds insult to injury!

While we’re not short on reasons why Xiaomi should go global, a technology enthusiast who goes by the name of ‘MiksTech’ has taken a more vocal approach and we’re all ears! Give him a few minutes and listen to what he has to say about Xiaomi in general, Xiaomi Mi3 in specific and why companies like Xiaomi should target a much wider audience (and cater to them).

Xiaomi Mi3: Where’s the hype?

We’re not sure how many more MiksTechs it’ll take for Xiaomi to pay heed to this plea of technology fans, but we hope it isn’t too long before they at least start shipping globally, maybe like OPPO. After all, it will only result in greater popularity for them!

Thanks to Simon for the tip!

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