Factory tour: Have a look at what goes on inside the JiaYu factory!

JiaYu are a manufacturer who’ve tasted success at a very young age. The company, which was established only in 2009, took no time in announcing itself on the international arena, and is regarded as one among the most popular Chinese manufacturers!

Here, we give you a chance to have a glance at how the handset manufacturing company looks on the other side of the wall! Folks at mobiltelefon.ru had an opportunity to visit the JiaYu factory in China and the impressions are positive, although it’s clear that JiaYu still have a void to fill before reaching quality levels of a Meizu or a Xiaomi. But for a company that’s just over 4 years old, this is pretty impressive!

Jiayu factory tour video

We recently had a chance to visit the JiaYu office as well, where we had a little stint with the JiaYu G5. Do you think Chinese manufacture needs more stringent quality checks, or are you happy with the current level? We, for one, are certain that its on the way up!

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