Zopo teaser shows 1.7Ghz MT6592 8-core processor!

Zopo have been doing their best to ensure they stay in the headlines these past few weeks with teasers of their upcoming 8-core flagship phone, the latest of which give fill a little more the the puzzle.

Over the past month we have discovered, through Zopo’s own teasers on their Facebook Page, that the new Zopo smartphone will be an 8-core phone, will launch on 21st November and will be available Internationally from launch!

Gizchina News of the week

Today a new teaser gives a big more of an insight to the new phone, telling us it will run an 8-core chipset clocked at 1.7ghz. The Mediatek MT6592 chipset, which we believe Zopo to be using, comes in both 1.7Ghz and 2.0Ghz flavours so it would appear Zopo have gone for the slightly slower of the two. This could be a very wise decision as the lower clock speed should easily be enough to power whatever hardware the Zopo has, while also being a little kinder to battery life.

We’ll be at the launch of the new Zopo range of phone this week so keep posted more news and hands on videos.

[ Zopo Facebook ]
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  1. tej
    November 18, 2013

    Waiting to see how it perform. I guess by this Christmas we will have good options.

  2. Marius
    November 18, 2013

    Many people who use Zopo C2 had big problems with 3G signal. I have this phone and 3G does not work. Do not buy from this company.

    • Airyl
      November 18, 2013

      As far as I’m concerned, that problem has already been resolved. Also, your joy in announcing your hate makes you sound like a fanboy or a rival company worker. Please refrain from doing that.

      • ress
        November 18, 2013

        Resolved? Could you post a link? My C2 has BIG network problems. It works fine with 3G disabled but loose all connection 3G enabled. Reboot is the only way to get reception again. I’ve been looking for a solution for hours but so far no luck. And yes, freq. is OK. Zopo also has ‘ghost touch’ problems. I don’t want to trash talk Zopo, but they are far from perfect!

        • Adrian
          November 18, 2013

          I have a C2 platinum….and 3g has never…ever….been an issue. The ghost touches yes but that was fixed months ago along with gps. Running Gizchina rom as my daily driver with holo launcher hd and i would buy another zopo if and only if the battery goes to 3000mah and the screen stays 5″ or less. otherwise i’m going elsewhere.

    • Mrinal
      November 18, 2013

      I have a Zopo ZP990 and everything, including 3g works fine. Did you check which 3g frequency is used in your country ? and then check if your zopo has an antenna for that frequency.

      • Marius
        November 19, 2013

        I’ve tried everything possible. I tried setting the Engineer Mode. I live in Austria and 3G band is 2100.

  3. iANDROID8.1
    November 18, 2013

    Hi Andi, I’m from Philippines I’m an avid reader of your blogs, also I am planning to buy a phone, can you please suggest me a trusted and legit Chinese buying/selling site which ships fast in my country 😀