Gameloft announce Modern Combat 5 will be optimised for Mediatek 8-core MT6592

There has been a lot of talk about Mediatek’s 8-core MT6592, with many claiming it is just not needed on a mobile device, however this may not be true as game developers Gameloft are already announcing new games will be optimised for the powerful new SoC.

While it is true that many of the apps we use on a day to day basis don’t really require an 8-core processor, there will be instances the extra processing grunt will come in to play. One of those times will be when playing Gameloft’s latest instalment of their Modern Combat franchise, Modern Combat 5.

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In a press release on Mediatek’s website it has been revealed that Mediatek and Gameloft have worked together to optimise the new game for use on the chip makers octa-core processors.

Just how good is Modern Combat 5 on the MT6592 processor? Well below is a demo video, but we won’t know first hand until the game is available for download next year.

[ Mediatek ]
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  1. Andreas
    November 20, 2013

    It was about time 🙂 As a software engineer, I can tell that this is normal, Software and Game companies cannot support a technology, not until it is launched. We cannot say that there is no use for 8-core phones to be released, let’s just be sane. 😛

  2. Roberto Tomás
    November 24, 2013

    I’ve sat through about half the video before I got bored — they don’t talk about how they are optimizing .. or even if it is an optimization for the gpu instead of the cpu. the 8-core cpu would give a lot better enemy AI, maybe, but things like the water detail he pointed out are certainly because of the GPU. But since the MT6592 has a crappy Mali GPU, I’m wondering if this is a different 8-core, with a gpu like the 8135 maybe (the Power VR Rogue 6200).

    edit: I’m now unclear about the MT6592. The early benchmarks I saw for that chip were with the PowerVR 6200, and the spec sheets from that time had it. More recently in the press I’ve seen claims of the Mali T450-MP4, a much weaker GPU. And the antutu results are also a few thousand lower, and I saw one parts table recently published that listed the Mali instead of the PowerVR. I’m curious now myself — are there two different MT6592 versions? Or did they jump ship half way through, to some lower powered GPU for some reason?