2Ghz 8-core Mediatek MT6592 get’s over 32,000 points in Antutu!

2Ghz 8-core Mediatek MT6592 get’s over 32,000 points in Antutu!


Mediatek unleashed their 8-core MT6592 processor on the world today, and were not shy about posting Antutu scores of over 32,000 points!

Earlier today Mediatek officially unveiled their new 8-core MT6592 SoC designed specifically for Android smartphones. The Mediatek solution isn’t the first 8-core processor on the market, but it is the first ‘True’ 8-core. Samsung’s octa-core unit runs on big.LITTLE technology meaning that the cores turn on and off when needed, this saves power but also means that all 8-core are never running at once, the Mediatek MT6592 though does!

The jury is still out on if we actually need 8-core phones just yet, but with the announcement that Gameloft will optimise games to run on the MT6592 we might soon see more of a ‘need’.

Back to the story at hand though, which is the 2.0Ghz MT6592 is already shaking up the processor world with Antutu scores well within 32,000 points! The 1.7Ghz model (which we will see in the Zopo phone coming tomorrow) is equally capable with scores of almost 30,000!

With power like this on tap Mediatek could easily take on Qualcomm and other SoC brands in the mid to high end market!

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  • fonix232

    While the article is mostly correct, Samsung’s applied ARM big.LITTLE architecture update already makes it possible to use all 8 cores at the same time.

    The Antutu scores can be good, but lets not forget about previous MTK SoCs. They all had great promises, yet failed miserably because of bad user experience (and I’m not talking about failure as in out-of-business, but nobody who has a minimal knowledge of MTK will buy an MTK phone/tablet willingly. Again the Chinese market sells the best to the oblivious people).

    • SaturN

      I don’t know about which MTK you’re writing, but I had 6577 and 6589 both were good and the 2nd one is much better battery saver than any Qualcomm/ Samsung/ Nvidia etc. SoC…

      Of course if you’re a 4.7” gamer you better taking the high end battery eater SoC and get your hands burned from the heat it produce

      • Aditya

        Sure it eats lesser battery and doesn’t produce much heat, but Qualcomm’s processor are way better in terms of performance. And yeah look at the S800, its not a battery eater but still its very powerful! 🙂

        • Airyl

          And a Snapdragon 800 phone costs SIGNIFICANTLY more than an MTK phone.

          • fonix232

            But that’s the difference exactly – it is more expensive, but performs a lot better. On paper, the results might be good (Antutu, etc.), but when it comes to actual performance, user experience, then an S800 will outperform it right away.

            Oh also, just saying, most of the S800 phones are expensive because of the brand. SoC price difference is minimal (few dollars ppcs)

            • Airyl

              Why would I spend an extra $500 dollars for a phone that I will just use to browse the web, listen to music and watch videos with? In those terms, user experience is pretty similar. You must do some hardcore graphic editing to see that much difference in user experience.

            • fonix232

              Not really. All I did was the standard stuff I do: listening to music, checking Facebook, a few websites (The Verge, AndroidPolice, Gizchina, etc.), running a few apps only that I need daily, e.g. smart alarm, calendar, email, somtimes a game or two (nothing huge 3D FPS, just the new indie games, etc.). As I mentioned, result was disastrously crap.

            • Airyl

              It’s either you were using phones that were nowhere near complete or you’re just a fanboy.

            • fonix232

              Or maybe the phones were crap themselves, and you’re delusional about their performance?

            • Aditya

              Xiaomi Mi 3! That’s all I’ll say!

            • Aditya

              Sorry reply was to Airyl! 🙂

            • Airyl

              MTK phones might not perform as well as Snapdragon 800 phones, but they are definitely nowhere near as bad as you make them sound.

            • Aditya

              Xiaomi Mi 3! That’s all I’ll say!

      • Kolacan

        The MT6589T devices I use (Zopo C2, iOcean X7 Turbo) all have trouble driving their Full HD displays. The phone is very smooth with nothing on the desktop but once you add widgets or do web surfing or even pull down a heavily laden notification bar, it becomes apparent that the CPU and GPU are each other’s bottleneck.
        Add to that that GPS works very poorly on both devices as well as my Green Orange N1.

      • fonix232

        I’m writing about the same MTK. 6577 and 6589 were both terrible, and nobody gives a shit about the battery if the phone needs ten seconds to react to a simple touch. In performance it is around a single-core Snapdragon S4, or MAYBE a dual-core.
        Oh and by the way, about battery saving. I’d had a few MTK6577 and 6589 phones for testing, all had terrible battery life. They barely lasted a day with minimal browsing (checking FB once an hour, and a 10 minute skype call in general), and by day I mean the time I’ve spent at school – from 7:30 (depart from home) till 14:00 (arriving at home). Trip, as usual, with disabled wifi, listening to music. Arrive at university, enable wifi, check FB, and commence with my courses. Check FB a few times, maybe check GMail, and by the end of the third lecture, I was around 30% battery.

        All the phones had batteries around 1800-2200mAh, and were unbranded devices, completely OEM. I even had to refer to them as X-1, X-2, etc.

        • Airyl

          So you’ve never used a branded MTK phone before? That’s why you’re so negative about MTK phones! You should try a JiaYu G4. That’s where all the goodness is at.

          • fonix232

            By unbranded I meant that it was an OEM device, ready to be branded by a company buying them. Including the JiaYu G4 (you wouldn’t believe how many devices get out of the factory just to be sold to another company than the original, and get rebranded… Most of these companies are actually completely fabless, and buy the devices with their logo printed on them), and some other devices that were mentioned here, Zopo phones, and I believe even an older Oppo with 6577.

            Point is, I’ve tried phones from low-end 80-90USD up to 450USD devices, and the experience was the same: laggy, slow, low response time, lots of freezes, etc.

            • Airyl

              You contradict yourself with your own comment. You said all the phones you had used were only equipped with 1800-2200mah batteries. The G4 has a 3000mAh battery. That kind of gives it away. And to be honest, you’re starting to sound like a Qualcomm fanboy. Do those even exist?

            • fonix232

              I said “around 1800-2200mAh”, that, if wasn’t clear enough, meant, in average. There were of course some bigger ones, including a phone highly resembling the G4, including all specs.

              I am not a Qcom fanboy, I’m just pointing out that while an MTK chipset can score a high Antutu value, it is not good for anything else.

            • dodgere

              JiaYu G4 has already been proven to have good performance and great battery life by non other than Andi himself. You’re really grasping for straws with your lies, eh?

            • Airyl

              Are you seriously judging a product that hasn’t been optimised, and isn’t even anywhere near ready for sale? Even Andi has acknowledged that MTK phones aren’t anywhere as bad as they’re made out to be. Is it so hard to admit you just prefer another brand instead of bashing another one so rudely and crudely like a fanboy? Anyone can call out the number of times you tried to cover up the lies you’ve made in these few posts. I mean really, why would you work on MTK devices if you hate them?

            • Airyl

              Also, if you hate them so much, why are you using them? The fact that they are unbranded and you have so many hints that you may have stole them from a factory. What do you have to say for yourself?

            • fonix232

              Because I had to evaluate them for a company maybe? You know, not everyone is an end-user, some people actually work on those devices, with those devices…

      • SaturN

        I’ll be more specific about my android device history
        1st was HTC Desire – nice phone with CM7 worked great
        Afterwards I bought the HTC ONE – which had very short battery life (and also product life time 🙂 ) – I sent it for repair and didn’t got it back….

        my friend bought to his father Lenovo K830 I helped him with overseas firmware…I was shock how good a twice cheaper phone from china can be.

        I bought Sony Xperia P and my first China phone Jiayu G2 MT6577 1GB – just to try it out – and it was way better than the xperia…
        after that I bought Lenovo S920 I should say it was my best Android phone till now (for my need of course) – it’s not fast but I can live with that – you can’t expect a lowend SoC run FULL HD…everyone who buy such phone making a mistake hHD/qHD is running great. (I’ve recommended for several people Lenovo phones: A830,P770 and S830 (on its way) – all of them working good.
        Of course the cameras isn’t as good as on GALAXY S4…The G.P.S (with tweaks) isn’t working so well – but still remember what you’re buying and what are your needs…

        After more than 1/2 year a got a compensation from HTC – One…
        for my needs its an overkill – without doubt it’s fast ,smooth , cool FULL HD on 4.7”, gps very accurate even inside a bulding – but on the other hand – the battery finishes after 1/2 day (on S920 it was 1.5+ days)…and the phone gets as hot as hell playing candy crash….

        bottom line – everyone with his budget and his needs…

        • SaturN

          after htc desire I had One X (my mistake)
          and the G.P.S on MTK6589 with tweaks works fine.

      • wackenroader

        Mtk6577 works great in WVGA (480×800) and Mtk6589 in HD (1280×720), the gpu these smartphones are very simple to run on fullhd screens. in the gpu mtk6577 has 4.2gflops, mtk6589 has 9.2gflops, the minimum for fullhd screens would be a gpu with 15-20gflops such a Adreno 305 or Mali-400mp4 and PowerVR-sgx544mp2. mtk6592 has mali450-mp4 at 41.8 gflops similar to Adreno 320 and PowerVR-sgx544mp3 of Exynos 5410, it support 2k screens flawlessly.

      • Anoop Kumar

        Mediatek MT6589 is excellent with no heating issues. Also no lagging while gaming. Go for qhd or hd display, not fhd.

    • Airyl

      Really? The Chinese market sells best to oblivious people? That’s kind of racist actually. As far as I know, there are a lot of people who know what they’re getting when they buy an MTK phone or tablet. MTK6589T was perfectly fine in user experience, they only failed in benchmarks.

      • fonix232

        Yes, they do. Most of the phones are sold to people who cannot afford the expensive Android devices, and they don’t give a damn about the SoC included. That makes them oblivious.

        Believe me, about 20-25% of the people who buy an MTK-based phone buys it because they know it is MTK. The rest, just saw a cheap phone either at a local store or on a website, and bought it.

        • Airyl

          Same logic goes for quite a lot of smartphone users. I can afford a high end smartphone, but I bought one with a MediaTek chip instead. Why? Because I’m not doing much with it other than listening to music and browsing the web. That doesn’t make me oblivious, does it?

          And the same logic goes for a lot of Samsung users as well. They don’t know what’s in their phones, they just know it’s a Samsung and that it can browse the internet if needed.

          It’s not about people being oblivious if they but MTK phones or anything, it’s really just about what you need. To say everyone with an MTK phone is an oblivious idiot and doesn’t know how real performance is supposed to be is just rude. It’s not even an opinion, you’re stating it like it’s a fact.

          • fonix232

            Problem is that these people who “obliviously” buy a Samsung get the user experience they want. But so far, none whom I know said that the UX was any good on any MTK-based phone. So yea, while it might not give as much as a higher level contender, it does not bring the minimal requirements either. But hey, that’s good for some people, apparently.

            • Airyl

              Say that to the people using the Samsung Galaxy Ace series, or the Galaxy Y, or even those poor guys with Galaxy Grand Quattro. None of them are happy with their phones.

          • Allanitomwesh

            or the galaxy mini 2,or the galaxy fame,ar the galaxy fresh, or the galaxy core, or the galaxy music,or the samsung rex that doesn’t even have android but looks like it does.Or even the poor souls that spend big bucks on an S3 Mini thinking it is as badass as the S3.

    • “but nobody who has a minimal knowledge of MTK will buy an MTK phone/tablet willingly” > would you care to enlighten the non-informed? What is so bad about MTK?

    • Stef

      What a load of balloney. MTK SoCs are driven from A7 cores. The more efficient brother of A9, both in benchmarks and in real life performance. A Quad A7 performs *identically* to an A9 quad, which is not bad at all if you consider that Note 2, a perfectly smooth running device (even with touchwiz on top) runs a quad A9.

      Sure it’s one year behind the times if you’re to compare it with Qualcomm Cores, but let’s not kid ourselves, Qualcomm cores are only needed to drive superhigh resolutions like 1080p and higher. At 720p the differences are imperceptible. It’s a sign of bad taste from chinese phone makers to couple an MTK with 1080p, that’s not MTK’s fault.

      It’s the most efficient SoC at this time and I’m glad someone’s utilizing the much better suited (for phone use) A7 core, qualcomms are awesome as performance benchmarks, great radios and gps, but they’re way too big and costly… If you want to shell out $400 and upwards for a phone be my guest, I wouldn’t consider doing so, even though I have the money. The industry is developing too fast to buy anything other than cheaper phones and see how it goes. The Nexus phones are the only qualcomm phones I would ever consider in the current climate…

  • Geovane Barbosa

    I’m apprehensive as to whether the improved GPS on these new MTK octacore.

    This problem is the gps chip itself or the manufacturers do not put good antennas?

    Does anyone have any news on this? Do you know if the GPS will be improved in this new generation of processors MTK?

    • Mik

      that’s the big question. I guess that Chinese don’t use the GPS feature and therefore MTK didnt pay attention to proper testing in the past.

      The GPS problems are related to the MTK cpus so far. Often the antennas are also bad, but my phone has excellent reception and is still unable to display an accurate driving speed. A phone with a MSM8225 Cpu has no issues at all in comparison.

      • Geovane Barbosa

        This for me is a big problem because I am a heavy gps user .

        Sometimes I try to find a Chinese smartphone with Qualcom SoC but never found one that has good performance, dual sim and have the all frequencies I need in Brazil.

        • wackenroader

          Do you use EPO assistence? I’m from Brazil too, I have a Lenovo A850 and a Zte V970, no issues in GPS, I only activate EPO In location config.

          • Geovane Barbosa

            I have a G3 Jiayu, use the EPO but the GPS fix takes too long, and after fixed the precision is always around 20 meters.

      • Ace

        The problem is with the software. My IOX7 GPS sucked until i downloaded a ROM and edited the GPS.conf for my country. Since then The GPS has been quite accurate and in no way worse than qualcomm GPS.

  • MU

    I think the 8-core phone will come soon, I find “Mlais mx69pro” will accept pre-order soon in the shop “Onlybuying” at good price ( do you think it is the final price?), will you guys buy it? I asked them for schedule, they said will made sample review and upload soon.

    • wackenroader

      In pandawill have Jiake v8, thl t100 and t200.

  • It’s not even close to competitive with Qualcomm until they offer LTE modems. At the same time MediaTek is saying “coming soon”, Qualcomm just announced LTE Advanced (300Mb) with carrier aggregation. They’re WAY behind on the communications front.

    I’m looking forward to the day the MediaTek offers competitive options, but they’re not there yet.

    • MU


    • Dave Mcpherson

      But media tech predominantly sells to Chinese manufacturers. China’s 4g infrastructure isn’t very good. So what’s the point of developing something that the majority of users won’t be even able to use? Look at the xiaomi mi3 that uses snapdragon 800 but doesn’t support 4g. Why? Because it’s irrelevant to Chinese consumers.

      • China Mobile offers 4G service now. I’m not sure how long they’ve been doing it but I picked up a rate sheet and looked at the phones last week in Shenzhen.

        Many Chinese manufacturers are targeting export market and, of course, sticking the tried and true China strategy of competing on price. All these companies are at a disadvantage since they’re hobbled by the lack of 4G, yet their extremely low price is still getting them some sales. The situation would be a lot different if they suddenly offered 4G versions of inexpensive “premium” phones.

        BTW, MediaTek IS developing multi-mode FD-LTE and TD-LTE chipsets, they’re just late to market with it,

    • wackenroader

      LTE is provided by MT6290 Modem.

  • Suddenly with 32k Antutu its a real contender.
    Agreed about LTE, but you can still get 42mbps or so on 3G.
    If phones are a fair bit cheaper, it’s a sure winner.

  • highwind

    Any benchmarks on the new MT6588 Quadcore with Mali-MP4?

    • wackenroader

      it reaches a similar score to moto x and s4 mini (krait + adreno 320), 22/23k in antutu

  • squalor

    Seriously I am reading all these comments and I feel like there are 2 people talking whether iPhone or any Android phone is better… There is something called Value for money (VFM) which is: efficiency/money spent. Yes, a 500$ Branded phone could be better in terms of user experience compared to a 150$ OEM phone but my grandmother, even if she could afford it, doesn’t need it… So for every person/user the VFM is different. If I wanted a long battery life I would most likely choose something like the Lenovo P780 with 4000mAh battery, whilst if I wanted a waterproof phone I would choose the Lenovo S750. (Yes I am a Lenovo fan) Cellphone companies do not make just one phone, but dozens. That is to fit every customers needs and pockets. When buying something do not think “better”, but “more suitable for me”. Peace out

  • Can’t wait for the real competition between manufacturers.

    A dose of free-market can’t harm 😉

  • Brandon Heu

    What would be better?

    MediaTek 6592-Mali 450 MP4 or Snapdragon S4 Pro- Adreno 320 (MSM8960)?

  • kanga

    Results from my 8 core MT6592 Xiaomi Hongmi Note 2 Phone. My AnTuTu score is 31,224, see image.