2Ghz 8-core Mediatek MT6592 get’s over 32,000 points in Antutu!

Mediatek unleashed their 8-core MT6592 processor on the world today, and were not shy about posting Antutu scores of over 32,000 points!

Earlier today Mediatek officially unveiled their new 8-core MT6592 SoC designed specifically for Android smartphones. The Mediatek solution isn’t the first 8-core processor on the market, but it is the first ‘True’ 8-core. Samsung’s octa-core unit runs on big.LITTLE technology meaning that the cores turn on and off when needed, this saves power but also means that all 8-core are never running at once, the Mediatek MT6592 though does!

The jury is still out on if we actually need 8-core phones just yet, but with the announcement that Gameloft will optimise games to run on the MT6592 we might soon see more of a ‘need’.

Back to the story at hand though, which is the 2.0Ghz MT6592 is already shaking up the processor world with Antutu scores well within 32,000 points! The 1.7Ghz model (which we will see in the Zopo phone coming tomorrow) is equally capable with scores of almost 30,000!

With power like this on tap Mediatek could easily take on Qualcomm and other SoC brands in the mid to high end market!

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