8-core MT6592 Zopo ZP998 Antutu

Zopo are now in the process of running through their launch event, so while everyone sits around listening to the speech I’m outside playing around with the new 8-core smartphone and have managed to run a sneaky Antutu benchmark!

From Mediatek’s 8-core launch we already had ideas of just how the 1.7Ghz MT6592 processor would run, but we were not sure of how it would do with a full 5.5-inch 1080 display. The only thing to do was quickly install Antutu and see just how powerful the new Zopo ZP998 is!

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zopo zp998 antutu

The model we tested is the 1.7Ghz 8-core MT6592 model with 2GB, 32GB memory and 5.5-inch 1920 x 1080 and the results were 28,118! Not bad at all and pretty much what Mediatek said the 1.7Ghz octa-core chipset should be putting out!

We’ll be posting more about the Zopo ZP998 later today.


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  1. Airyl
    November 21, 2013

    Ninja Andi is a Ninja. 🙂 .

    That’s awesome! Looks like it’s going to be pretty speedy! How was the general performance Andi? As in scrolling through homescreens and such? Is it smoother than MTK6589 phones?

    • Ace
      November 21, 2013

      It’s still a cortex a7, so i’d wager not. The MTK phones really need better software .

      • Airyl
        November 21, 2013

        If it’s optimised well enough, why not?

      • Airyl
        November 21, 2013

        If it’s optimised properly, it could.

      • Aditya
        November 21, 2013

        Scrolling through home screens and websites really depend on the GPU power actually, so it should do pretty well! 🙂

  2. Mark
    November 21, 2013

    I bought this phone just for fun, the price is ridiculous compared to the specs. So can’t wait to see it.

    • Airyl
      November 21, 2013

      I know. Looks like a realy bargain.

  3. Doge
    November 21, 2013

    Such Andi
    Much Sneaky
    So spy

    • November 21, 2013

      haha thanks 🙂

    • jeib
      November 21, 2013

      very doge

      • Doge
        November 22, 2013

        Such tanks
        Much hapi

  4. Zsoltee
    November 21, 2013

    Great quick review Andi! Please take a photo of the other detailed Antutu scores too (2D, 3D, storage, database) I think the details matter the most, not the overall score which is obviously huge because of the more cores and higher raw computing capacity.

    I started to make a comparison of Antutu 4.x detailed results. If you take a photo of the missing pieces, I will share the comparison table. Currently contains
    Jiayu S1 (Snapdragon 600)
    ZOPO ZP820 (MT6582, qHD)
    Motorola Moto G (Snapdragon 400)
    Samsung Galaxy S4 (Exynos 5420)
    Samsung Galaxy S3 (Exynos 4420)
    LG Nexus 4 (Snapdr. S4 Pro)

    but many of them lack 2D, 3D, storage, database values.

    According to the current data, Multitask and RAM operation is pretty impressive (of course besides the raw CPU power). Multitask score is just 12% below Galaxy S4 and 8% below Jiayu S1 (Snapdragon 600), RAM Operation is about 40% _better_ than the best competitors from the list. However RAM Speed is 52% below Snapdragon 600. Do someone know the real meaning of the two benchmark value (RAM operation and speed)?
    Dalvik value is not bad at all, but Snapdragon 600 Jiayu S1 is far-far better.
    Remaining points are also pretty good. Andi please let us know the details. Thank you!

  5. zaikatanox
    November 21, 2013

    Not a big fan of MediaTek, but this score is crazy!!! You should’ve run AnTuTu X as well, Andy 😀

  6. lauson albertine
    February 5, 2014

    anyone knows how to root this?