HaiPai i9389 quad-core, another Hongmi rival?

When Xiaomi launched the HongMi we wonder if they realised just how popular the phone would be, or how many rival devices like the HaiPai i9389 it would go up against!

The HaiPai i9389 might not be the newest phone on the market but it still has more than enough poke under the hood to keep up with most current entry-level phones, in particular the Xiaomi Hongmi.

If we compare the Haipai and the Xiaomi, both have 4.7-inch displays, 1GB RAM, quad-core processors, and space for dual SIM and micro SD cards. They both also offer great value for money too, unless you don’t happen to live in China in which case the Haipai is a much more affordable phone.

The Haipai i9389 costs less than $150 internationally (due to a lower resolution display and 1.2Ghz CPU), and for those looking for a cheap second phone it might be worth taking a look at.

[ DX.com ]
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