Xiaomi’s 10,400mAh Power Bank costs just $11!

Xiaomi’s 10,400mAh Power Bank costs just $11!


A few hours after we posted about a mystery device that Xiaomi teased, it has been confirmed that it is indeed a power bank with a humongous 10,400mAh battery!

The power bank will come in silver (possibly other colours as well) and will have an aluminium alloy shell. Xiaomi revealed that batteries that make the power bank come from renown manufacturers like LG and Samsung, thereby increasing the value of the power bank. What’s more, Chinese citizens will be able to get the accessory for only $11. You can expect prices at reseller stores to go up to $20 with shipping.

xiaomi power bank

Even with marked up reseller prices, we feel the device is pretty sweet a deal say for $20 shipped. Let us know what you think is a fair price for international customers!

[templatic_button link=”https://www.gizchina.com/2013/12/04/real-photos-xiaomis-11-battery-pack/” size=”large” type=”basic”] Real photos of the Xiaomi Battery here! [/templatic_button] [Source]

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  • Zeca

    What do a Power Bank do?

    • Yes Sir

      charge your devices

    • Markoff

      you put there your money and over time they will become stronger and bigger, so in one month you can get back 100% profit

      • xiaomiworld

        oh, my god . POWER BANK means mobile charger , it is convenient for your traveling & working .

        • rahim

          Would you like to open one of ur branch in our country ? In India . , sure this will be success here . Contact me if u intrested . [email protected] .

        • Anuj Maheshwari

          do you have any offline store in Beijing or Hong Kong?

    • Anonymous

      You don’t have to know. That’s less one person who is not going to buy.


    Sounds great ! How do I get one?

  • This is a pretty sweet deal. Yash, please dont forget to let us know when it goes on sale. I am interested in getting one whenever Xiaomi releases it.

  • Darevintage

    These Chinese phone makers should please open up more to the outside world

    • Roberto Tomás

      you can buy it outside of china you know. unless the company disallow resellers from shipping them… in this case it is pretty clear from the article that they don’t.

  • Markoff

    why is the price in USD and advertisement in English when it’s only available in China? another Xiaomi publicity stunt…

    • Xiaomi always do this for their Facebook page. Seems a little odd to us though…

    • Roberto Tomás

      it is going to be available thru resellers. like taobao and alibaba I imagine

      • Markoff

        Taobao is owned by company named Alibaba and it’s website for people located in China only with Chinese interface, so it doesn’t make sense anyway except trying to build hype abroad for crappy power bank like any other on taobao, while only difference is sticker Mi on it

        • Roberto Tomás

          I didnt know that Taobao was also owned by Alibaba. I was about to write back to you that it is not until I checked. If you don’t feel comfortable using Taobao just use AliExpress, it is in english and in the form of a typically online retailer — and yes they all ship to the USA. They actually have versions up to 50,000mAh on AliExpress.

  • Marius Cirsta

    I just want one of these and $20 is pretty cheap. The problem is I don’t expect to be able to actually get one.
    I ordered a 2600 mAh “Romoss” branded power bank which should be good enough until I can get one of these.
    Also 10400 mAh is quite large, 5000 mAh would have been good enough, it would have still been able to charge most phones at least 2 times and would have been smaller and lighter.

    • Roberto Tomás

      why cant you get one? are they limited number?

      • Marius Cirsta

        With Xiaomi you can’t really get any of their stuff when it launches, at least not any phones they launch.
        They make too few phones and the demand is too great in China. Just imagine 300 000 phones that everyone wants in a country of 1 billion.
        Given this will be cheap too I do imagine it will be hard to find. They might have say 1 million available but again when you have say 100 million potential buyers that’s way to little.
        In time though these will be in stock everywhere.

    • xiaomiworld

      it’s alright , you will find it online , xiaomiworld had started to sell this xiaomi new style power-bank (10400 mah).

  • Roberto Tomás

    wonder how much it weighs

  • Druzhinin Ivan