LG to launch LG GX, new flagship or a mid ranger?

Diagrams from Korea show that LG are planning to launch a smartphone dubbed the LG GX, however it is unsure if it will be a flagship model of midrange device.

From what we have learned of the phone, the LG GX will be a 5.5-inch 1080 smartphone with similar hardware to the current LG G2. The details here claim the phone has 2GB RAM, 32GB of on-board storage, 13 mega-pixel camera and 4G LTE supports.

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The real confusion is what processor the LG GX will run. According to the leaked specifications the GX will get a Snapdragon 600 processor, making it a mid range smartphone, but source claim that this is incorrect and the phone will run a flagship Snapdragon 800 chip.

Either way the LG GX looks set to hit stores this Christmas.

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  1. derp
    December 12, 2013


  2. Stef
    December 12, 2013

    Snapdragon 600 is definitely high end, there is no perceptible difference between that and S800 in everyday performance. Leave the mid range characterization to S4 pro and high end mediatek stuff.

    Having said that this lg most probably is a bigger screened variant of g2, a bit how g pro was to optimus g yesteryear…

    • nbv
      December 12, 2013

      s800 has adreno 330 that is 50 % faster than adreno 320 and 0.4ghz cpu speed..

      you are getting it wrong you might call s600 a low high end right now but this device will launch in jan /feburary time frame.. by that time snapdragon 805 will be high end with adreno 420 gpu.. snapdragon 800 will be low high end whereas s600 will be obselete and it will be a mid ranger.. don’t think aout now think about when it is going to get launched

      • Stef
        December 12, 2013

        Again, I’m not talking about benchmarks. Android machines are quite notorious at making a poor use of GPU especially compared to iOS. Hardware composition is only making a slight use of the GPU power while most games are outdated compared to recent hardware so they don’t use most of the power either.

        I’ve used both kinds of machines and I couldn’t tell what’s using s600 and what’s using s800, but I could definitely tell the one using mediatek soc which is why I put both s600 and s800 in the same category of performance.

        • nbv
          December 13, 2013

          yes in real world performance you won’t be able to tell any difference but then you won’t be able to tell difference between an s4 pro also that doesn’t make it high end ..
          .. and regarding gpu performance most of the gpu gains are currently being wasted in increasing resolutions from 720 to now 1080 then next year it will be 2k then next 4k .. so that is the reason game developers are not moving forward . in ios the resolution has been less than 720p while their gpu increases greatly from year to year.. hence they get all the ooomph and the gameplay is buttery smooth.

          mediatek is low end it is cortex A7 based at half the clocks..

          100-200 $ entry level
          200-300 $ low end
          300-500 $ mid end
          500- 700 $ high end

          currently snapdragon 600 is in 500 $ range while 800 is 700$ range
          in feburary
          snapdragon 600 – 350 $
          snapdragon 800 – 500 $
          snapdragon 805 – 700 $

          so it wil be mid range by then.. even though the real world performance difference will be unoticable

          • Stef
            December 13, 2013

            Mediatek quad give the exact same feel as 2012’s quads (flagships), I call this mid end. Smooth at 720p, cr*p at 1080p, s4pro also suffers in 1080p (there is some noticeable lag). They’re both smooth at 720p is what makes them mid end, not price. Low end is mediatek dualies and A5 based socs. That’s what my extensive use of mobiles gave me, I don’t trust benchmarks they paint a different picture than what is going on.

            Mediatek is quite decent for its price point, but only Qualcomm makes high end stuff…

            When we get to 2k I think s800 variants will start to shine until then whether you buy s600 or s800… same thing…