Xiaomi Mi3 WCDAM finally available from 31st December!

Xiaomi Mi3 WCDAM finally available from 31st December!


Have you been waiting for Xiaomi to launch the WCDMA Mi3, if so your patience is about to pay off with the launch of the Snapdragon 800 phone.

The WCDMA version of the Xiaomi Mi3 has been delayed to the point that many fans had given up and looked elsewhere for their next generation phone. The more patient fans though are about to be rewarded.

On the last day of this year Xiaomi will release the Snapdragon 800 version of the Xiaomi Mi3, the model which will work on China Unicom’s 3G network, but more importantly many 3G networks outside of China.

Two version of the Mi2 will go on sale on the 31st December, the 16GB model for 1999 Yuan, and the 64GB version for 2499 Yuan, both running a Snapdragon 800 CPU, 2GB RAM, 330 Adreno GPU and MIUI V5 based on Android 4.3.

As well as the launch of the Mi3, Xiaomi will also launch the 1TB Xiaomi router, which will allow Mifans to connect to the web over a 5Ghz Wifi signal and share their music and video wireless.

Are you planning to purchase a WCDMA Xiaomi Mi3 of WIFI router?

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  • Magnus

    Got tired of always waiting both for this and other interesting devices such as the new TCL Idol X+ and THL T100S. So I’m sittin here with my rooted Nexus 5 and couldn’t be happier. Ok I miss the sd card slot, but that’s it. But the biggest drawback on allmost every Chinese phone is the lack of (and confusion about ) wcdma 900 support. Without that they will never sell very good here in Europe. Imho….

    • pa5t1s

      +1 for WCDMA 900MHz

    • Simon

      Magnus check out Meenova, that works with Rooted Android devices, so as to increase your SD Card storage. I too will shortly be buying a Nexus 5, can’t wait any longer.

  • IOL

    64gb is going to be available too?

    • Dominic

      I sure as hell hope so with all the damn delays we’ve seen already.

    • Tiah Oon Tjoe

      Nope…only 16gb….checked their site..

      • Dominic

        Ugh.. you’re right. Xiaomi’s marketing “strategy” is going to drive all their fans away honestly.

        • It’s not going to work for an international customer base that’s for sure

          • Dominic

            Indeed. Unfortunately Taiwan’s Xiaomi branch has been doing the same thing with their hongmi over here, but in batches of 10,000. (Although HK xiaomi owns Taiwan xiaomi now as of nov 2013, and HK is basically china, so I guess it makes sense)
            P.S. nonetheless, I’m still going to wait for the WCDMA mi3 64, I’ve been waiting so long already I may as well just stick it out.

  • Hoàng Vững

    Yes, stress. But how can I reah it 🙁

  • china fan

    Pointless for anyone outside of China, save time and stress and look elsewhere. Without an F code and living in China internationals have no chance and with xiaomis stupid limited release in batches it just makes it even harder. This phone won’t be available easilly even through re-sellers until at least march and by then opposed and meizu will be releasing better phones with international availability. Dont buy into the pro xiaomi hype constantly reported here.

    • china fan

      Sorry meant oppo

      • Simon

        Apparently the Xiaomi Hongmi 2 is being released shortly. Will that be another phone released in small batches ?

        • Jason

          Knowing Xiaomi strategy, yes that’s most likely the case.

    • Simon

      The Oppo Find 7 & Meizu MX4 should be excellent phones and ones to watch out for:)

      • Peter Schmidt

        will be the same for Find 7 and MX4, maybe presentation in March, release in Mai, available in October. It is the same for every high end phone from a big company in china. To less devices for too many people that want

        • Simon

          Oh what a shame !

        • china fan

          No not really, those company’s will have the phones available well before may let alone October. I’m expecting them to be announced in the next month or so and available to buy internationally in march/April. Also they will release with their full supply of stock available from day one and not xiaomis stupid 100,000 batches. Xiaomi put a ceiling on their sales before they even start by only selling in China and in such small batches. There will be the odd re-seller lucky enough to get one or two phones and because of that the reseller mark up will be huge and you would then be better off paying for the oppo 7 vivo or the miezu. By the time xiaomis mi3 is available the snapdragon 805 will be out Lol.

          • Simon

            If you had the choice, and you don’t mind waiting, which would you buy ?

            • I’d wait for the Mi3S, Find 7 and Meizu MX4

          • alfredo alberto einstein

            they sell only batches so that many people buy it from resellers so xiaomi can charge what they want from those shops and the price is like a 200$ more than on xiaomis website!

  • tech

    Only 16 Gb version will be on sale 31 december. Please inform before giving fake hopes…

  • Israel

    they LOST me ! now ill but ZOPO ZP998 octa core (:

  • KU DE TA

    Anyone could possibly tell me what system we use in Japan? The WCDMA or the TD-SCDMA version? Thanks

    • njren

      WCDMA 2100, but any reason you wouldn’t hold out for the upcoming wave of 4G phones?

      • KU DE TA

        Once, sooner or later, a decision should be made.

  • Simon

    The main question is: Who is now buying this ?

  • Chico Migraña

    I’ll wait for a Mi3s version instead or I’ll buy Gionee Elife E7 that one it’s better than Xiomi in processor and camera, my Mi2 it’s ok till then

    • Peter Schmidt

      really, Antutu 34000 compare to 33900 matters for you. REALLY, on such a high level it doesn’t really matter which phone has here and there a little bit better hardware. The only thing you should ask yourself. Do you like MIUI and want to keep it or do you love Stock Android. Because don’t expect a Miui Rom for an E7.

      • Simon

        E7 has Amigos Rom I believe (don’t know much about it though).

  • Rasmus

    Yeah, I also got tired and bought a Oppo N1 instead. Fantastic device! Works well with 3G and everything in Sweden!

    • Peter Schmidt

      yeah, camera is good, but the rest is Xiaomi Mi2s Hardware for the price of a Mi3 with 64GB. Sorry OPPO, no chance

  • Marius

    Too long wait. May not be worth buying this phone. Waiting Vivo XPlay 3S and Oppo Find 7.

  • Jan Horák

    “Two version of the Mi2 will go on sale on the 31st December, the 16GB model for 1999 Yuan, and the 64GB version for 2499 Yuan”

    God, it’s Mi3 not Mi2! And there will be avaible only 16Gb version!

  • MichelM

    Now that an officiel date is set, the other question is how much the scalper will sell an account.
    The first day of release of the tegra version an account was sold about 70$.

  • $2548414

    For us Indians Gionee E7 will be a better bet–because Gionee has really spread its foot print wide inside India- even smaller towns like mine have service available and soon as they have some thing like $ 50 Jia Yu F1 in their portfolio, they can write their own ticket right from low end to Highest end of the Abdroid spectrum.. way to go Gionee..take the market- while likes of Xiaomi et al are just thinking of expanding in to the large and hungry Indian market.

  • old master bubu

    should be a good phone… but ill give it a miss.. waited until middle of November for it… now i went to Nexus 5…. and wont look back…sure i miss the features MIUI has ( previously owned a MI2 and a MI2s) but CM 11 is getting there in features… and im not big on apple look-a-like themes !

    • Isn’t there a MIUI build for the Nexus 5?

  • Mike

    Nice try Xiaomi but you are too late!

    And please double check your info. No 64GB coming