ZTE to launch own 8-core WiseFone 7550s processor to compete with Mediatek, LG, Huawei etc

ZTE are rumoured to launch it’s own 8-core Wisefone 7550s processor on the 20th Feb to go head to head with Mediatek, LG, and Huawei!

8-core is very much the word when talking about flagship Android phones. Samsung were the first, then Mediatek and now reports are in that LG, Huawei and even ZTE are soon to close the performance gap.

ZTE’s 8-core processor, named the WiseFone 7550s, has already undergone trail production and is ready to launch as early as next month. Full details of the chipset such as architecture, GPU and speed are still being kept a secret but sources have let slip the WiseFone will be more energy efficient than Nvidia’s Tegra 4 and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800.

The WiseFone 7550s 8-core chipset is believed to be heading in to the replacement for the ZTE N986.

[ Weibo ]
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