Huawei steps on Xiaomi’s toes again, will launch router at CES

Huawei are taking plenty of lessons from Xiaomi. The Chinese phone giant now has it’s own Hongmi rival and now plans to launch the Huawei Medialife router at CES.

According to rumours on Weibo, Huawei will be showing off their own ‘smart router’ at CES on 7th January. The silver and white tower , which reminds us of the G4 Mac Cube from Apple, will house a WIFI antenna and believed to have built-in storage to share media content on a local WIFI network.

We are waiting on full specifications, but it will likely use 5Ghz WIFI, have up to 1TB of storage and be priced at around 1000 Yuan. Unlike Xiaomi’s router though there is a chance this Huawei model will get an international launch.

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