7-inch CoolPad Great God on show at CES as the CoolPad Halo

A few days ago we posted news of Coolpad’s 7-inch smarpthone/phablet/tablet device known in China as the ‘Great God’, the same device has now been spotted at CES with a new improved name! The CoolPad Halo.

The CoolPad Halo appears to be the international name of the device, but we think Goliath or Godzilla would have suited the 7-inch device much better! The Halo is a strange device in that it is marketed as a phone but has the size of a small Android tablet!

CoolPad have been clever with the specifications of the CoolPad Halo, so even thouse of us who would simply dismiss the phone as being too big are considering it for it’s hardware alone. The Halo is powered by an octacore 1.7Ghz processor, has 2GB RAM, dual-SIM, SD card expansion, 4000mAh battery and rear 13 mega-pixel camera with f2.0 aperture, the front camera is quite up to ‘selfie’ standards but 5 mega-pixels isn’t bad.

What do you think of the CoolPad Halo? Are Coolpad on to a winner or is it just to big to be considered?

[ GizIndia.com ]
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