Octacore Hike X2 is the first phone to ship with Mediatek’s rival to NFC!

The octacore Hike X2 has now been listed and available to try at Hike stores across China and come equipped with Mediatek’s NFC rival “Hotknot”.

The latest phone from Hike gets all the bells and whistles which we expect from an early 2014 octacore phone including 2GB RAM, 32GB memory, 1920 x 1080 display, 5 mega-pixel camera and 13 mega-pixel rear, but also boast new technology from Taiwanese processor maker Mediatek.

The Hike X2 is the first smartphone to ship with Mediatek’s HotKnot system, a rival to NFC, which allows the transfer of data by touching the screens of compatible phones together. Of cause if you want to make use of the feature you will need to find another Hike X2 user for now, but plenty of other Chinese phone makers are likely to adopt the technology throughout the year.

Hike have also done a rather grand job of the design of the new X2 which feature very little in the way of bodywork above and below the screen and also has barrow bezels.

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