HTC M8 rumoured to launch in March, looks “strikingly” similar to HTC One

@evleas has been hitting Twitter again with details of the HTC M8 which is supposed to launching in New York this March.

The tipster has been accurate in the past and has even been attacked by HTC themselves who claim he has caused millions of dollars worth of damages due to the tweets he has been posting. This hasn’t put a stop to the leaks though as @evleaks says the launch will be in March in New York and most importantly the phone will look visually similar to the current HTC One phone.

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It is possible that the HTC M8, HTC One 2, could be a slight update to the current flagship phone with a 2k display, and updated ultra-pixel camera, there of course be other secrets hidden inside the new phone too but we will have to wait until the launch to find out what.

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  1. burnt_52
    February 3, 2014

    This phone seems to suit most of my requirements perfectly but unfortunately I imagine it will be a lot more expensive than equivalent chinese phones!