Nvidia Tegra K1 Tablet Shows Up On AnTuTu

When Nvidia showcased the Tegra K1 tablet, it turned a lot of heads. It could run Unreal 4, was said to be more powerful than the CPUs in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and the demo showcased blew away anything, even Nvidia’s Tegra 4 chip, that we have seen before. Nvidia said it “bridged the gap” between PC and mobile games.

With OpenGL 4.4 and Unreal 4 support, it is hard to argue with them.

Benchmarks for a prototype tablet were then “leaked” to the public, possibly in an intentional move to help build publicity for the chip. Regardless of motivations, it managed to beat Intel’s competing Haswell chip. Now, the AnTuTu score for a potential consumer tablet has surfaced and the score still sits pretty high up there.

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The Tegra Note P1761 will probably get a more marketable name in the future, and it should be pointed out that, this is not likely the final version of the device. The CPU is even underclocked, bringing down the performance of the chip. The chip speed will likely be increased before the final version of this tablet sees store shelves.

The AnTuTu scores show the aforementioned prototype tablet and Nvidia’s current Tegra Note 7 (P1640) for comparison.


I could do the obvious and fill text by going over the same specs mentioned in the above pictures, but that would be redundant. I’ll just mention again that this is a work-in-progress tablet and the final scores are likely to be higher. Probably not as high as the prototype tablet, but higher than the already impressive 38,323 score. Nvidia has a booth at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, hopefully we will get more information on either the  Tegra K1 Powered Note P1761 or the Tegra K1 itself there.

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