Play your old NES, SNES and Genesis cartridges on the Super Retro Trio Console

super retro trio

We all get the urge to boot up some retro gaming action and if you happen to have some old game cartridges laying around the Super Retro Trio would be the place to play them.

While emulators are fun, there is nothing like snapping in a game cartridge and watching your old favourites come back to life on your TV screen in all their 8-16 Bit glory. The issue with that though is that a) most old game systems no longer work b) Most modern TV’s don’t have the old antenna in cable.

Help is at hand though! The Super Retro Trio takes the internals of the NES, SNES and Genesis (Mega Drive if you’re from the UK) and places them all in one retro inspired box. The $70 device allows you to play your old cartridges via the 3 slots in the top, and you can even use the original game pads if you have those too!

Gameboy fans can rejoice too as there will also be a Gameboy Advanced adapter available too!

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