64-BIT Mediatek MT6732 announced with LTE, plus fast charging solution

64-BIT Mediatek MT6732 announced with LTE, plus fast charging solution


As rumoured, Mediatek have announced their mid-range 64-Bit MT6732 processor with lte at MWC along with their own fast charging solution.

Starting with the new Mediatek SoC. The MT6732 is a 64-Bit chipset which can run up to speeds of 1.5Ghz and is based on ARM’s Cortex A53 with a next-generation Mali-T650 GPU. The SoC inlaced new video features such as low-power 1080p video playback, video recording at [email protected], support for H.265 and H.264 video codecs and can handle cameras of up to 13 mega-pixels.

The big new is 4G lte support which means that Chinese phone manufactures will now have more choice when producing 4G smartphones. The MT6732 also has support for WCMA, TD-SCDAM, GSM, dual-band WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0.

Keeping your smartphone pumped full of juice is the new Pump Express fast charging solution from Mediatek. According to Mediatek Pump Express can effectively half charging times of smartphones. The new system can also automatically choose the correct current for charging and increase this during the course of the charge to prevent overheating.

We can expect to see Android smartphones using Pump express by around June this year while 64-Bit 4G LTE phones using the new MT6732 will have to wait until Q3.

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  • mrsnaki

    Cant wait, hope prices to be under 400

    • GregOrevo

      It will be less than 400 they said it’s a chip for mid range smartphones, the mt6595 will be for more high end and the prices of mt6592 now with is also kinda high end are not that much so we can really excpect good prices ! 🙂

  • inkflow

    Will the GPS work correctly???

    I doubt it!!!

    • GregOrevo

      That’s not true anymore, even my TCL Idol Mini with MT6572 the GPS is working just fine.

      • inkflow

        My thl t100s can’t make its mind about my location… It keeps jumping in all directions at a radius of about 100m.

        • GregOrevo

          Wow, hmm maybe it’s about the optimization made on the phone by the phone company itself.

  • Joe

    Dual core? Quad core? Octa core?

    • hfm

      Quad core

  • POY

    How about releasing sources so we don’t have to be stuck on ancient firmware?

    • burnt_52