Alcatel show off prototype phone with Wysips technology for solar charging and internet via light waves!


TCL/Alcatel have teamed with Sunpartner Technolgies to show off a prototype smartphone at MWC using Wysips technology which can charge the phone and receive data over LIFI.

The phone on display at MWC is a mid-range Alcatel One Touch device which has been fitted with an ultra-thin Wysips transparent component. The layer goes between the tactile base of the phone and display transforming the area in to a solar panel. With this technology a phone can be charged by light and can even receive data over a new wireless technology named LIFI!

LIFI is a light based wireless connection which allows a Wysips supported phone to receive data, messages and even browse the internet via lightwaves passed through the phones display. One benefit of LIFI is that the system only uses power produced by light rather than relying on battery power, it is also provides faster data transfer than WIFI and can also be used in areas where electromagnetic waves are not normally permitted such as in hospitals and on planes.

Sunpartner are also targeting existing phone users and plan to launch a range of smart covers with the same Wysips technology built in, bringing the same benefits to regular non-Wysips devices.

Alcatel/TCL are the first company to show support to the new tech, it remains to be seen which other brands will adopt this exciting new technology.

More MWC news on the way!

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