Epic Fail: ‘Water-resistant’ phone dies on Archos CEO during demo!

In a comedy of errors, an apparently IP54 certified smartphone went dead during a demo by Archos’ own CEO!

IP54 certified devices are splash proof and not submerge-proof life other IP67 devices. Well, this is what the Archos CEO, Loic Poirier seemed to have missed.

Video: Archos Quechua 5″ Phone gives up during demo by CEO

Le directeur d’Archos casse un smartphone censé… by Spi0n

The Quechua 5” Phone complies with the IP54 standard. Developed to withstand the most demanding outdoor conditions. It is designed to withstand splattering with water from all directions as well the harmful effects of dust and sand.

While demoing Archos’ Quechua 5″ Phone, the device is seen being submerged in a jug full of water after being made to fall down from about 3-4 feet. To Poirier’s surprise, the device refused to show signs of life after being taken out from the jug.

Devices from Archos’ Quechua series are known for having robust and rugged build. Only if company CEOs read the product description before making a mess of it all…

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