Meizu sheds light on Meizu MX4 specifications

meizu mx3 mwc

While chatting with the staff at the Meizu stand at MWC, we have learned a few of the details of the next generation Meizu MX4 smartphone.

Meizu are planning to release up to 3 Meizu MX4 models later this yeat, but were only willing to give details of the flagship version of the phone. Our sources at made it clear that these details are subject to change, but as it stands here are some of the features of the MX4.

Meizu MX4 Specification Details

  • 5.4-inch display
  • 2 at least 2GB RAM
  • The body will be a slim design.
  • Overall dimensions will be similar to the MX3 but with a larger display.
  • It will be optimised for one handed operation.
  • The camera on the MX4 will be better than the MX3.
  • It will support 4G LTE.
  • The processor will be a Octacore unit. Possibly a next generation Qualcomm chip?

There were also rumours that Meizu could launch a Meizu MX3 updated with 4G LTE support, however our sources say this is not going to happen and that LTE will be saved for the upcoming Meizu MX4 models.

Are there any more details and features you would like to see on the Meizu MX4?

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