Xiaomi Mi2 price cut to just $212 in China

xiaomi mi2s price cut

Xiaomi’s popular Snapdragon 600 phone, the Xiaomi Mi2S has had it’s price slashed from 1699 Yuan to just 1299 Yuan!

The Xiaomi Mi2S was the flagship device for the Beijing phone maker early last year and is still a powerful, and all round great smartphone now. Boasting a 4.3-inch 1280 x 720 display, the Mi2S packs a Snapdragon 600 processor 2GB RAM, 13 mega-pixel main camera plus there are a great range of accessories available for the phone. The only downside is that the price cut is only applicable to 16GB versions of the phone.

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Resellers offering the Mi2S are already announcing that they will have similar price cuts with SPEmall being one of the first with prices for the phone starting at just $269.

[ SpeMall ]
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  1. ved prakash
    February 27, 2014

    hi team gizchina !! would like opinion on whether waiting for a one plus phone sounds good or going with the previous bestsellers like xiaomi mi2s is better idea nw as they are cutting the price to more affordable range ….. as u all have seen prototypes of one plus i hope u ppl can guide better ….

  2. jony_overlord
    February 27, 2014

    Hy all, hy team gizchina.
    Can u tell me what site is reliable for getting an xiaomi MI3 ?

    • stefsan
      February 27, 2014

      For all i know, SpeMall have Xiaomi Mi3 WCDMA Version in stock now, very amazing smartphone !

  3. jony_overlord
    February 27, 2014

    im interested in Spemall.com, if they are serious

    • Jones
      February 27, 2014

      Oh, i think they are serious, they have good customer service, in my opinion . And you can trust them, i think .

  4. Guest
    February 28, 2014


  5. Xesco1983
    February 28, 2014

    Xiaomi m2s 16 has only 8 megapixel camera, right?