$189.99 Octacore Vifocal W92 is a self proclaimed Lenovo Vibe X clone

vifocal w92

Vifocal have released their new smartphone, named the Vifocal W92, which they hope will be considered for the crown as worlds cheapest octacore Lenovo Vibe X clone.

The Vifocal W92 not only want to ride the wave of the Lenovo Vibe X, but hopes to crush the Elephone P9 Water. The latest Elephone and the new Vifocal are based around the same OEM chassis, but the W92 costs only $189.99!

A few of the highlights of the Vifocal include a 1.7Ghz octacore processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB memory, 5-inch 1280 x 720 Corning Gorilla Glass display, dual SIM, removable battery and 5.9mm body.

Vifocal have provided pricing in USD and say the phone is available for that low-price, but have not mentioned where it is available.

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