First Look: JiaYu S2 Unboxing, hands on and first impressions!

First Look: JiaYu S2 Unboxing, hands on and first impressions!

jiayu s2 review

Thank goodness for fast delivery! Our JiaYu S2 review phone has just arrived and we have wasted no time getting it in front of the camera for an unboxing and hands on!

The JiaYu S2 has been in development by JiaYu since last summer. The device takes all of JiaYu’s knowledge of producing high-quality Mediatek phones and slim’s it all down to a narrow, thin, and extremely comforatble form. The S2 also benefits from the lessons JiaYu learned with the metal body of the G5 and boasts its own stainless steel construnction.

JiaYu S2 Hands On Photo Gallery

Our version of the JiaYu S2 is a pre-production sample, and as yet I am not sure if it is the 1GB or 2GB RAM model. What we do know is that the screen is a 5-inch 1920 x 1080 OGS unit, with wonderful viewing angles, the rear camera is a 13 mega-pixel shooter form Panasonic and Sony provide the front facing 8 mega-pixel lens.

jiayu s2 review

As you will see in the hands on video below the 6mm body is made of both stainless steel and white plasitc. There is room for dual micro SIM’s and JiaYu have even made a stainless steel head phone jack plug with built in SIM removal tool! Nice touch!

Video: JiaYu S2 Unboxing and hands on

JiaYu S2 First Impressions

jiayu s2 review

First impressions are very very good. This is one very well made and thoughtfully put together smartphone, and a phone I will happily use as my daily drive until my Meizu returns (possibly even when I get the MX3 back!). The 6mm body is comfortable in the hand, but what is most impressive is the narrow width of the phone overall. With a 5-inch display the JiaYu S2 is only a few milimeters wider than my 4.3-inch Xiaomi Mi2!

jiayu s2 review

I have already set the phone  up with all my usual apps and testing is underway! Keep postesd for more JiaYu S2 updates, videos and news over the coming days!

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  • My name is….

    It looks really ugly.

    Any word on the specs?

    • cpurag3

      you look ugly man !!! not the phone >:( This is the most thinner and the most small 5″ FHD phone on the market right now !!! Actually it is still not on the market yet, but will be soon !!!

      • My name is….

        you dont even know me lol

        I dont care for thin, i care for battery and GPS.

        • cpurag3

          Check this picture and tell me how big battery you could put inside the longest rectangle but keep in mind that you are trying to put this battery inside 6.36mm body so don’t forget that you need to put also another hood on top of the body that you are currently seeing on the picture !? SO … 2000mAh is the minimum that you can put there, but I suppose that it could be up to 2300mAh or even bigger up to 2500mAh but 2500 is too much

          • My name is….

            Dude, i now have the G3S, and i have a crazy battery life, you think i care about going back to 2000 and 2200mah?

            • arsalan

              You want the battery to last one month or what? After one day and 10 hours, your battery is still at 61%. What else do you want?

            • Airyl

              Chill bro. He might be a traveler who can only charge his phone every day or two. Or he might be heavy on 3G. It’s absolutely up to him if he wants a phone with a huge battery.

            • My name is….

              When you leave home at 7 in the morning and come back at night some times, you really wanna good battery life to make sure its gonna last.

              And i live in Greece, night here comes late :p

            • cpurag3

              Listen dude, I live at Bugaria Sofia, so we have the same Time SO your problem is that you are using very stupid ROM instead of this I use MIUI V5 4.3.7 Special 4PDA Edition.. so try this and you will be blown away from the battery life and the other features DUDE 😀

            • My name is….

              yes, if you install MIUI, the battery will magically transform to 4000mah.

              I already tried 4pda roms. Nothing special, i dont like miui.
              Stock is just fine.

            • Manos

              The Miui is far better Rom you should try it! I have the G4A. The phones running smother and better.

            • Xiaolu

              Same here, when I see my wife charging everyday it makes me feel strange; I wouldn’t be back to those times. I suppose I’d go everywhere with a massive power bank, but now I just don’t need it (my phone weighs around 200g, that’s true).

            • Airyl

              @my name is…- I think the UMi X3 would suit you well.

            • cpurag3

              Dude I have the G4T Basic with 1850mAh battery and have 1.5 days battery life and I’m definitelly using the phone in a brutal way 😀 so do you think I care that the battery will be only 2000 or 2500 mAh … the point here is that you are seening the best looking phone that have ever been made in the last 3-4 years of the evolution of the Chinesse phone Makers, because this is JIAYU and not a brand which is COPY/PASTE, yes it looks like iPhone 5 but is bigger, thinner and so on …

            • My name is….

              What you mean heavy use? 30 minutes screen time?
              I also have the G4 1850mah in the family and battery is just gone until the night comes with *real* heavy usage

            • Xiaolu

              That don’t impress me much… 😛

            • My name is….

              Screen 3%?

              If i leave it on my desk, it will last all week.

            • Xiaolu

              That 3% means 7h 27m 56s, “light usage” for my phone (can reach >12h in 2+ days).

    • Airyl

      Lol, my name is really ugly.

  • Brian Jackson

    Please be sure to thoroughly test the GPS when you do the full review.

    • Airyl

      +1 to this.

    • Michał Cieślicki


  • Chavdar Ivanov Chavdarov

    What about battery life? So far most of phones with 6592 have unimpressive to say the least battery life

    • Airyl

      Really? My friend’s ZP998 seems to hold up pretty well, even better than my W11.

  • cpurag3


    I salute you for this video man !!! I know my BIG UMTS question already, please write the answer here 😀 😀 😀 or just post an image from the Engineer Mode -> BandMode -> SIM1 PLEEEAAASSSEEE

  • Airyl

    Those are some crazy thin bezels. In the first picture, or looks like you’re just holding a screen with two borders on the top and bottom. Also, not sure about how it looks in real life, bit from the pictures the screen looks AMAZING. I envy you. Hope you have a good time reviewing this baby, Andi.

  • Allanitomwesh

    Yet another AWESOME phone RUINED by thinness and a small battery. Now if JiaYu would take the G5,fit a 5 inch 1080p display in there using these new thinner bezels,throw in some 2.0ghz LTE Octacore action,the trusty 300mAh battery and fix that god forsaken bump it makes in the G5,i’d be very very interested.

  • Achilles

    Actually I think it’s the sexiest phone I’ve ever seen.
    Even prettier than inew V3 which is the King right now.
    Well, most of the people we don’t really care about battery life, it’s enough when you have to charge it every night during sleep and most mobile phones can manage this use.

    Seriously I’m buying this baby right now, Jiayu send me a **** link to order it!!

    • I agree this phone looks awesome, but I disagree with the battery life comment, to me battery is so important. I want a phone that will comfortably last all day long if I am out and about and using it a lot. For travelling this is also very important. If the battery easily lasts over a day then I’m sold on this phone!

  • Arun Subramanian

    Hi Andi..This is Arun from India..please please convey to Jiayu to release high end version with 3000 mAH battery..a few mm increase in thickness is nothing compared to long battery life of phone..have been used to 2750 mAH of JY-G3….This is the phone i have been waiting for…!

    • I will ask if they haven any plan for this.

  • CocaColaManager

    online shops are full of JiaYu s2 offer and yet it’s not officially out yet. Anyone care to explain? 😀

    • Yes, all of those are pre-sale offers.

      • CocaColaManager

        Ok I get it when a phone is officially out but shops haven’t got their first phones. Here however there’s not even a release date. That’s something I haven’t seen.
        For example no offer on aliexpress says it’s presale or they’re out of stock. A bunch other phones have been announced or just come out and yet there are no offers. JiaYu s2 is the only phone in that kind of situation

        • JIAYU S2 is going to be released around april-may. Please understand, that there is a lot of testing going on. JIAYU tries hard not to be like other chinese brands, that release buggy phones and test them afterwards. Thanks

          • CocaColaManager

            I know all that. That’s not what I’m questioning.

    • Yep, they are all presale.

  • Andi, great hands-on video!

  • Stef

    …almost but not quite.

    First off, let us agree that the iphone’s look is one of the least obnoxious (i.e. rather stylish) out there, I mean you don’t have to like the product to like its looks, right? Then again, being copy-catty leaves a bit of a bad taste in the mouth, still I can think of S2 as “iphone done well”. It has bigger screen w/t making the phone too big, while it runs android, less flashy animations than ios, but more things to do…

    But as I said “almost, but not quite”. I know it’s personal preference, but since 5 inches are already big enough screens, (a) I would prefer virtual buttons. That way the phone would had been shorter, the buttons would had been “backlit” *and* they would hide when you’d need the whole of screen estate (i.e. movies or games).

    My second point, is the obvious: (b)attery. Jiayu spoilt us with the 3000Mah batteries, so it’s not easy to go back to 2000Mah. I know Jiayu tries to impress with how razor thin the phone is, but releasing a 3000Mah version alongside with it, I would greatly welcome. After all with the phone already being at 6mm, having 3000Mah would not make it more than 7.9mm, still extremely thin, as much as jiayu g5 is (which looks and feels great).

    So if you combine (a) and (b), you get a phone which is as small as jiayu g4, but quite a lot thinner (more stylish), metal body, quite a lot faster and most of all, a bigger screen. It would had been the perfect phone. So again “almost, but not quite”.

    • Very good points! The S2 does feel like an evolved G5, the S3 (if and when it luanches) could be the phone you have just described. If they haven’t already had these ideas, I’m going to pass them along anyway 🙂

      • Stef

        BTW I made some calculations and if you remove the physical button you can make the case to be as little as 127x67mm. That’s as small Galaxy S2 (126x66mm), only it is a 5incher instead of 4.3 inches! Strap a 3000 Mah battery and you still get a slimmer phone than Galaxy S2 (around 7.9mm I would think).

        In total 127x67x7.9mm, MT6595 (for giving us that pesky LTE), 2 Gigs of RAM (I would say 3, but it’s better to keep the phone relatively cheap), unibody aluminum…

        A man can dream. Pocketable, yet with big screen, powerful, yet with great battery, oh please Jiayu make this true…