Huawei Honor 3X Vs Xiaomi Redmi Note

huawei honor 3x vs xiaomi redmi note

The Xiaomi Redmi Note has been one of the most talked about budget octacore phablets of the month, but we mustn’t forget that the Huawei Honor 3X is the original 5.5-inch with 8-core chip at alow price.

It’s Huawei’s Honor 3C which has been gaining most of the news due to it’s low price and ease of availability in China, but Huawei also offer the Honor 3X smartphone with a larger display and similar specifications to the newly launched Xiaomi Redmi Note.

Both the Redmi Note and Huawei Honor 3X have octacore MT6592 processors, and 5.5-inch displays. The Redmi Note costs from just 799 Yuan to 999 Yuan, where as the 3X has just the one 998 Yuan version, so which is the better buy?

Huawei Honor 3X Vs Xiaomi Redmi Note

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At one time Xiaomi would have been miles ahead for price and specification, but rivals are catching up and the Huawei Honor 3X is a prime example. Comparing the Huawei Honor 3X to the top of the range Redmi Note shows us that times have changed and things aren’t going to be so easy for Xiaomi as they used to be.

xiaomi redmi note

From a design point of view, the Huawei Honor 3X is more stylish, thinner, less bulky and lighter than the Redmi Note, but the Note makes up for that with a slightly lager battery. Both phones have the same camera specifications, processor, same amount of RAM, and both run custom versions of Android. The Redmi has just 8GB of internal memory where as the Honor 3X has 16GB, but they both have SD card expansion as an option!

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xiaomi redmi note

Choosing between these two phones is a tricky one, and it really only comes down to which phone you prefer the look of. For me I prefer the design of the slightly thinner Huawei, that said the Redmi does have a larger battery and will likely have a better selection of accessories!

I’m quite happy I don’t need to make this decision as it really is a tough one but how about you? If you were in the market for one for these budget, octacore phones which would you choose?

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