Video: Walk through a Chinese Phone Market! Filmed on Oppo Find 7

walk through a Chinese phone market

If you have never been to China then you are missing out on some seriously amazing tech sights. To bring you closer to the action we take you on a journey through a Chinese Phone Market.

There are 2 reasons I wanted to make this video 1) I have always wanted to make a video of the local Chinese Phone Market here in Qingdao as is amazing! 2) What better way to test out the video quality of the Oppo Find 7?

walk through a Chinese phone market

Literally minutes after leaving the Oppo Store, I switched on the camera and plunged in to the depths of the Chinese Phone Market. I did my best to bring you as close to the Chinese phone underworld as I could, but I did get a few angry looks from suspicious store owners and didn’t want to hang around too long.

A journey through a Chinese Phone Market

The selection of phones on offer and stock is amazing. Xiaomi Hongmi and Mi3 phones are everywhere, there are stalls with Huawei Honor 3C’s, Nexus 5’s and the latest LG and Vega phones, not to mention all those iPhones!

Pricing in the phone markets depends on demand for a product, and many of these phones have been bought through official sites then resold again at a higher price (just as many international resellers do). For example the Xiaomi Hongmi retails on the Xiaomi site for 799 Yuan, but here expect to pay between 850-900 Yuan. The Xiaomi Mi3 is starts from 2100 for the TD and 2200 for the WCDMA, which the official price is 1999 Yuan. A Nexus 5 is around 2800 Yuan now, plus there are tons of second-hand bargains to choose from, an Mi2S will cost about 900 Yuan!

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walk through a Chinese phone market

Not only phones but accessories, tablet, laptops and even repairs are available in the market.

I plan to be in Shenzhen in the coming weeks and will hopefully be able to give you an idea of the sheer scale of the Shenzhen phone markets, or phone city might be a better description.

Oppo Find 7

I recorded this video on the Oppo Find 7 set up to record 1080 video with all the default settings. Pretty nice video quality and amazing audio! See our in-depth Oppo Find 7 unboxing video here.

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