Nubia X6 hands on photos, plus details of 128GB model

Nubia X6 hands on photos, plus details of 128GB model

nubia x6 hands on

Hands on photos of the Nubia X6 phablet alongside the Z5S, plus details of the range topping 128GB model.

Nubia is ZTE’s premium phone brand for China. Till today the Nubia range was made up of the Z5 mini and Z5S, phones which really hadn’t changed all that much in the year or so since they originally launched. To say an all new model was long overdue would be an understatment!

Anyway it happend today that Nubia launched the X6, a 6.44-inch phablet powered by a Snadpragon 801 processor and supporting various neworks (LTE included) took to the stage. Full details of the launch and most of the specification details can be found in our Nubia X6 launch write-up, but what isn’t mentioned there is the top of the range X6 with 3GB RAM and 128GB of internal memory, the cost of is just 3999 Yuan ($644).

nubia x6 hands on

We also didn’t get a good look at the Nubia X6 during the launch presentation, but luckily Chinese website CNMO did. Below are some hands on photos of the Nubia X6 alongside the 5-inch Nubia Z5S.

Nubia X6 hands on photos

The Nubia X6 will go on sale soon here in China and will likely receive an limited launch in the US in time.

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  • Alex

    WOW!!! Nice….

  • Alex

    From what I’ve read on another website this phone only has 3G, that’s a shame. Why bother with LTE, if only 3G, for compatability? Where’s the 4G China phablets???

    • Bob Drake

      Doubt that is true. Doesn’t the Snapdragon 801 have LTE embedded ?
      Also if you look at the photos of the presentation of the phone it says TD-LTE and FDD-LTE…

      • Alex

        So that means this phone should work in the 4G market of the US? Right?

        • zaikatanox

          The Find 7 has LTE, and it’s 5.5 inch. Won’t this count as phablet?

          • Alex

            Yes it is a phablet.

          • I think with the fact post phones have grown to 5.5 inch this year, plus the fact that 5.5-inch phones of today arent that much larger (physially) than 5-inch phones of last year that no it isn’t a phablet. It certainly doesn’t feel like one.

            • Alex

              Samsung was one of the first mainstream companies to use the term “phablet” with the note product line several years back.

            • Alex


              I stand corrected, they were the first.

            • Alex

              Seems like a winner =)

            • ?

        • Certain Nubia models are on sale in the US already, plus the ZTE Facbook page has been posting about the X6. I think it should work, and we might see a launch.

    • It has LTE

  • Airyl

    I want one so badly……..

  • CK1405

    Andi, where can I order one from china?

    • Graham

      Can anyone recommend a site or store this phone can be ordered from? Is it only the 32GB that is available now? If so, what is the release date for the 64GB and 128GB?

  • Bl6ckCr6w

    would this work in america

  • I’ll get this rather than that fxxkxxg INVITE ‘one plus one’ notice-craving newbie!

  • rit_behind_u

    will the 128gb version never come to market?