OnePlus announce OnePlus accounts

Today Oneplus announced a new centralised OnePlus Account system which will merge all current and future OnePlus services in to one easy to manage account.

Currently the OnePlus account only gives you access to the OnePlus Forums, but in the future the account will also allow users to log in to their online store, customer service system and we assume allow quick and easy set up of OnePlus devices.

oneplus account

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Users can access their OnePlus Accounts, or sign up for an account now, and set up your full name, location and change your avatar. We hope in the future more cloud based service will be integrated such as back ups for files, contacts and photos, a find my phone feature and a OnePlus email address would be nice too! Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see what they have in store.

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  1. March 28, 2014

    That’s fine for their website, but I hope they don’t interfere with any of the CM or Google account management or services.

    Their use of CM and pure Google was one of the best features. If they start mucking around with the sync services and play store, they’re no better than all the other meddlesome manufacturers.

    There’s a simple litmus test for these sort of changes, if a change benefits the manufacturer more than the consumer, then it’s bad/evil. If the change doesn’t do much either way, then it’s a bad idea. And if the change is overwhelmingly good for the user in the eyes of ALL people, then it’s good.