Vivo preparing another flagship already, or a possible camera accessory?

vivo xplay render

With a Vivo Xplay 3S launched plagued with delays it seems a little early in the day for vivo to be announcing a new flagship phone, so what is this all about?

April 1st is the worst possible day to be posting a new teaser on your company social media platform but that is exactly what Vivo did earlier today. The image below says Vivo will be bringing a new ‘sense’ to users and show an obvious image of a camera lens.

vivo xplay new flagship

Chinese news sites have been quick to jump at the possibility of an all new device, but the Vivo Xplay 3S has only been on sale for a few weeks after numerous delays. Another idea which springs to our minds could be either a huge firmware update bringing with it new features, or possibly a new camera accessory for the current Vivo Xplay 3S.

There is also the chance it is just an April Fools prank! So don’t take these ideas 100% truth and lets wait to see what emerges out of this.

[ Vivo ]
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