64GB Xiaomi Mi3 gets a new low $438.99 price tag

If you are a fan of the Xiaomi Mi3 then this could be the perfect time to order yourself the top of the range 64GB version at a new now price.

The Snapdragon powered Xiaomi Mi3 is a phone which has enjoyed huge popularity due to the high level of hardware and low price, but it has only really been those of us based in China who have been able to benefit from the low prices until today.

From today the flagship Snapdragon 800 Xiaomi Mi3 with WCDMA and 64GB memory can be had at just $438.99 for customers outside of China, just a slight increase over the Chinese retail price.

Spemall are offering the Mi3 at this new price and have both the white and dark grey versions in stock. The offer will last as long as stocks remain.

[ Spemall ]
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