Open Thread: What phone accessory would you like to see in the future?

In an age where our smartphone have most features already built-in is the need for accessories dead? Or are there still some gadgets we would like to see created?

If you ever have the chance to walk through a Chinese phone city, or visit an electronics show you will be over-whelmed by the vast array of 3rd part accessories for phone and tablets.

xiaomi battery pack colour

These accessories range from the indispensable, such as external battery power banks, screen protectors and cases, to the more obscure or seemingly outdated, analogue TV tuner for your smartphone anyone?

kuppy tv tuner

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In the past and even recently there have been accessories which have caught my eye. Adapters so you can run dual SIM cards in a single SIM phone, solar powered external chargers, and bluetooth camera remotes like Oppo’s O-click, but overall I am seeing less of a need for additional accessories as phones become more advanced.

Are there still some killer phone accessory ideas?

Is it just a matter of time for the phone accessory market to be nothing more than screen protectors and cases? Or are there still some killer phone accessory ideas out there which haven’t been created yet?

oppo n1 review

Or perhaps I am wrong and there is a huge number of great accessories already on sale which I have completely overlooked.

In the comments below I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about the accessories you can’t live without, plan to buy, or would like to see invented. Let’s see what we can come up with!

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