Video: OrientPhone Mega Pro 7.0 Coolpad 9976A alternative hands on!

orientphone mega pro 7.0

This weekend we received the 7-inch OrientPhone Mega Pro 7.0, a 7-inch FHD, octacore phablet and a perfect alternative to the CoolPad 9976a!

When 2014 began Chinese phone maker  decided it was time that they upped the size of current Android phablets from the usual 6-6.44 inch to a much larger 7-inch! 7-inch might seem like a huge amount of screen to be carrying around, but with recent changes in design and manufacturing advances at smaller Chinese phablet makers, today’s 7-inch phablets aren’t much larger than last years 6.44-inch options, plus they are more comfortable to use and better to look at!

orientphone mega pro 7.0

The OrientPhone Mega Pro 7.0 is one of the first 7-inch phablets to go on sale specifically aimed at customers outside of China. Orientdeal have carefully selected components, features and have even included a generous selection of accessories making this 7-incher a very attractive device, and a great all in one (rather carrying a phone and tablet together).

OrientPhone Mega Pro 7.0

orientphone mega pro 7.0

The only rival to the OrientPhone Mega Pro 7.0 we can think of is the Coolpad 9976a, 7-inch device, but as the OrientPhone costs just $232.49, comes with 2 x 3500mAh batteries, screen protector, dual SIM and a handy cover, I would say the Mega Pro is a better deal.

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OrientPhone Mega Pro 7.0 – Unboxing and hands on

OrientPhone Mega Pro 7.0 – First Impressions

orientphone mega pro 7.0

The OrientPhone Mega Pro 7.0 is a really exciting device! 7-inch might sound like a lot but, depending on what you are used to, the Mega Pro 7.0 manages to carry its size very well! As mentioned in the above hands on video, OrientDeal have done a great job a building a 7-inch phone while keeping the overall dimensions down to a minimum!

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orientphone mega pro 7.0

The 7-inch FHD 1920 x 1200 resolution display is stunning, the quality of the display alone would be enough for me to opt for the OrientPhone Mega Pro 7.0 over the many 7.9-inch Android tablets already on the market! 2GB RAM and an octacore processor are also huge imporvements over similar sized devices, not to mention the 13 mega-pixel camera, dual SIM support, replacable battery and generous accessories!

orientphone mega pro 7.0

In the title I say the OrientPhone Mega Pro 7.0 would be a great alternative to the Coolpad 9976A, but in reality I am not sure why anyone would choose any 7.9-inch Android tablet over the Mega Pro, it really is a fine device!

The Orientphone Mega Pro 7.0 is available internationally now from OrientDeal for $232.49.

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