OnePlus “Phone Smash” begins, so what do you need to do?

phone smash

OnePlus officially began it’s Phone Smash promotion a few hours ago, but before you all go out and smash phone current phones (well if that’s what you are planning to do) you should really check the details first.

The OnePlus Phone Smash is the start-ups latest promotion to bring more attention to the brand and also a way to distribute the first 100 OnePlus phones and 300 invitations. But there is more to it than just smashing up your old phone and waiting for your new OPO to arrive though.

First of all those of you (mad) enough to want to take part will have to apply to OnePlus through the Phone Smash page. Oneplus will take a look at applicants and choose 100 people to take part. Once selected the “lucky” participants will need to record a video of themselves smashing their device, as creatively as possible, and upload it to YouTube. You must also be over 18 and be located in one of the countries where the OPO will be available at launch.

In return for destroying your phone you will be able to buy a 16GB OnePlus One for just $1 and also 3 invitations which you can pass out to friends of family.

I would personally not want to take part in the OnePlus phone smash. The cost of smashing a perfectly good phone would be a complete waste, and after seeing the viral Samsung Galaxy S5 smash fail, I would prefer to wait for an invitation rather be sprayed by an exploding battery.

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But then again I’m not everyone! If you do decide to take part feel free to share your ideas and the phone you will smash with us in the comments section below.

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