Nubia 2.0 (and Android 4.4) Coming To More ZTE Nubia Devices May 15th

Nubia 2.0 debuted on the Nubia X6 just last month, but owners of the “lesser” Nubia devices have had to settle with version 1.3. Soon, that will no longer be the case. According to its official Weibo account, ZTE will be bringing Nubia 2.0 to its other Nubia devices in May. The updates will start rolling out May 15th, to the most recent Nubia devices, with other more support possibly coming by the end of the month.

Starting May 15th, the Nubia Z5, Z5 Mini, Z5S, Z5S Mini and Z5Sn will begin getting an upgrade bringing the devices to Nubia 2.0 and Android 4.4.

Nubia 2.0 brings a host of new features, including split screen, and one hand control. Split screen allows users to run two apps at once. One handed control shrinks the size of the UI’s usable screen and moves it to one side, making it easy to reach everything with one hand while holding the device. Both features, as some are sure to point out, have been on Samsung’s phablets for a while.

It is unclear if these Phablet centric features will be included with the update on the smaller devices. While one handed control and split screen features are great on the 6.4 inch Nubia X6, but it likely won’t seem as practical on the 4.7 inch screen of  the Z5 Mini. It should be noted however, that Samsung recently brought the one handed feature to the Galaxy S5, a “regular sized” phone.

It remains to be seen if OS will be a slight modification of Nubia 2.0, without the phablet centric features or not. Nubia 2.0 also includes custom and powerful quick action menus and special ways to organize app icons.

If you want to see what you’ll be in for before you upgrade, you can watch the (Chinese language) video of Nubia 2.0’s reveal below.

[Source: Weibo]
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